This year I will earn more points, not less points.

The no-brainer.

The PC Financial MasterCard has no annual fee, and earns you PC points toward free food with every purchase you make. Apply online and get up to 25,000 PC points. *

Redeem at participating grocery stores where President’s Choice® products are sold.**

Apply now

Twice the cards.
Faster the free.

Add a PC Plus card to your PC Financial MasterCard to make a good thing even better.

To learn more, see our FAQs or visit the PC Plus website.


  • How do I earn PC points even faster?

    As both a President’s Choice Financial® MasterCard® holder and PC Plus member, you can earn even more points just for buying the food you love. Every purchase - not just food - on the President’s Choice Financial MasterCard will earn you points. The PC Plus program can work right through your PC Financial® MasterCard® or bank card when you enroll it at and link it to your current PC Plus account and the way you currently earn PC points won't change at all.

    If you have a PC Financial MasterCard or bank card, you can earn PC points as follows:

    • 10 points per dollar everywhere you shop with your PC Financial MasterCard or PC Financial® World MasterCard®
    • 20 points per dollar with your PC Financial World MasterCard at participating stores where President’s Choice products are sold across Canada
    • 5 points per dollar with the PC Financial bank card at those same participating stores
  • Do I need both the PC PlusTM and PC Financial MasterCard plastic cards to earn more points?

    With the PC Financial MasterCard, you no longer need a separate PC Plus card. All you need to do is combine your PC Financial MasterCard and your PC Plus account, and start using your MasterCard to earn additional PC points.

  • I’m already a PC PlusTM member. How do I link my PC PlusTM account to my PC Financial MasterCard account?
    1. Fill out the PC Financial MasterCard application
    2. Enter your PC PlusTM number
    3. Once it’s linked, your PC MasterCard is all you need to earn additional PC points and enjoy smarter perks with the PC PlusTM program.
  • Can I be both a PC Financial customer and a PC Plus member?

    Yes. Your PC Financial MasterCard or bank card is all you need to earn even more PC points at participating stores. Simply enrol your PC Financial card at

  • Can I have a PC Financial account and a PC Plus app?

    Yes. Simply download the PC Plus app on your mobile device, and then follow the instructions to register with a PC Financial card. If you already have the app, contact us to link your PC Financial card to your PC Plus app.

  • As a PC Financial customer, am I already a PC Plus member?

    As a PC Financial customer, you’re already part of the PC Plus program. However to access certain personalized features like Offers, Recipes, Shopping Lists and Meal Planner and to earn even more points at participating stores, you will need to register your PC Financial MasterCard or bank card online at or on the PC Plus app. Your PC Financial card will then double as a PC Plus card – it’s all you need to enjoy the full program benefits.

  • What if I registered with a PC Financial MasterCard and a PC Plus card?

    You can have a PC Plus card and a PC Financial card. If you want the points you earned combined into the same account, just make sure they’re both linked to the same account. If you registered both cards separately, you can sign in at and go to "My Account" to combine your cards.

  • Do I earn PC points with my PC Financial MasterCard everywhere else I shop?

    Yes, you will still earn points on any purchases you make with your PC Financial MasterCard anywhere you shop, just as you do today.

  • Are PC points earned through the PC Plus program the same as those earned with the PC Financial MasterCard?

    Yes. Your existing PC points are the same as those earned with the PC Financial MasterCard – they have the same value and can be redeemed in the same way. When you register your PC Financial MasterCard or bank card online at, or on the PC Plus app, you’ll earn even more points every time you shop at participating stores. You’ll also have access to online features, like Offers, Recipes, Shopping List and Meal Planner.

  • What are PC points worth?

    1,000 points is equivalent to $1. Once you accumulate 20,000 points, you can redeem for $20 off your grocery bill. If you are redeeming more than 20,000 points, the additional points must be redeemed in increments of 10,000. When you show your PC Plus card at checkout, the cashier will let you know the reward value of your balance, so you can choose to save them up or redeem a portion right away.

*When you receive your PC Financial MasterCard credit card, you will also receive four welcome coupons each worth 5,000 PC points. Use your PC Financial MasterCard and redeem each coupon to receive 5,000 PC points with any purchase at the checkout in participating grocery stores where President's Choice products are sold. See coupons for full details. Coupons have no cash value. If your application is approved and an account is opened for you, you will receive 5,000 PC points for having applied online once you have activated your new President's Choice Financial MasterCard and made your first purchase within 6 months of account approval. 5,000 PC points for online applications awarded one-time only to new customers on their first President's Choice Financial MasterCard account. For all offers, allow 2-3 weeks from qualifying purchase for bonus PC points to be awarded. Each offer is limited to one per new PC Financial MasterCard account and may be terminated or changed at any time without notice.

**Minimum redemption is 20,000 PC points (worth $20 in free rewards) and in increments of 10,000 PC points thereafter, at participating grocery stores where President's Choice products are sold. Some redemption restrictions apply. See for details.

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