5 Ways to Budget a Hotel Booking

Feb 14, 2019

While most hotels generally offer the same things these days—a bed, basic amenities, an indoor pool, WiFi, room service and so on—it might come as a surprise to know that some establishments make extra perks available with little to no premium charges.

There are times when weary travellers like you could use just a little bit more convenience. Or you might want more if you knew there was more to have. Whichever the case, it's worth it to find reasonably priced hotels that have "extras" available, which may make your hotel stays more enjoyable.

It may help to know, for instance, if your hotel has laundry service, postal delivery, late checkout, umbrellas (if the weather calls for it) and even anti-allergy bedding.

The following hotel tips and things to look out for can help you get the most bang for your buck:

1. If you're travelling for business, it could help to know that there's a business centre on the premises, should you ever need to print, fax or scan something. Or if your laptop suddenly stops working. Also, if you'd prefer not to bring a laptop at all, in which case a business centre might be the perfect alternative. 

2. Like to work out? Or do you just like to keep that option open? Some hotels have workout rooms, often with exercise equipment you may not have in your home. This outlet may be just what you need after a long day of travel.

3. Why pack something you don't need to bring along? Some hotels offer sample packs of disposable razors, shaving cream, toothbrush/toothpaste combos, deodorant, portable vanity kits and brushes/combs.

4. For families with small children, a comfortable room addition could be a crib or cot. Few parents derive joy from the middle-of-the-night kicking and flailing of a little person in the shared queen-sized bed. Check with the hotel if these items require advance reservation.

5. Discount tourist packages. This is especially likely for hotels in city centres, which may have cross-promotional arrangements with local tour operators. The front desk might have restaurant coupons, cut-rate tours departing from the hotel or even rental car deals.

6. Don’t forget: PC Financial Mastercard® cardholders can book a hotel using PC travel service and earn PC Optimum points. 

The skinny is this: The best tip for booking a hotel stay is to spend a few extra minutes online looking into what different hotels offer and what extras are available. A quick phone call or email can also help you find more information.

All things being equal, if you see your choices of hotels are in the same price range but one has more "just in case" amenities, why not go with the perks?

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