7 March Break Vacation and Family Getaway Ideas for Every Budget

Mar 5, 2019

Whether you're making memories as a family or going solo, here are some cool March Break vacations that won't break your budget. If you plan well, it's possible to plan an affordable March Break with great weather and no crowds.

The active vacation. If there’s snow, there’s always skiing. A quick internet search could reveal that there are hills in your city (or a nearby one) that you (or others) may not even know about. And if you don’t have your own equipment, you may be able to rent them at community ski hills or sports stores. So whether it’s cross country or downhill skiing, or giving the young ones their first lesson, the slopes close to home are a fantastic and inexpensive way to enjoy the last of the snow this March Break. 

The relaxing trip. Try ice fishing, a great way to spend a sunny winter afternoon. Where there’s a river, lake or waterfront, there may very well be a place to perch, enjoy a hot chocolate, listen to your favourite songs and grab a little fresh-caught lunch. (Please remember to buy a fishing license).

If you’re a newbie, excursions can be arranged with companies, most of whom provide equipment or allow you to rent. Close by, there might even be small-town community markets with quaint mom-and-pop shops, offering locally made knick-knacks.   

High adrenaline outing. 

Looking for a high-octane March Break getaway? Yes, you can still go whitewater rafting mere weeks before Spring. A bit chilly, perhaps, but bundle up and whirl yourself along the rapids in this off-season adventure. Since most people do this activity in the summer, you may very well be able to get special attention from your tour guide to show you things most groups don’t get to. And if the snow’s still good, and you thrive on the need for speed, try snowboarding too.  

The outdoors vacation. For the nature lover, don your parka and enjoy almost-Spring hiking or canoeing, taking in various wildlife, perhaps spotting homebound birds, little furry animals and the odd splashing fish. It’s the March Break getaway you’ll love to share on social media.

For the true lovers of outdoors – and the boldest Canadian-blooded among us – set a course to a camping spot, pitch a tent, roll out the sleeping bags, and make friends with the cool, crisp air as you watch the steam swirl from your breath, and in the evening, enjoy the night stars shine bright.  

Take a day stroll. March Break can also be the perfect time to create an at-your-own-pace DIY walking tour of city sites, including historically significant homes, important landmarks, or a visit to pioneer villages. 

The foodie adventure. An entire afternoon can be spent creating an outside culinary experience, at a park a short drive away. Many parks will still issue permits to use fire pits even if Spring hasn’t officially sprung. Corral those barbecue utensils, yummy items for the grill, sticks and marshmallows, and warm up with a hot, fresh meal. More fun to be had can be placing beverages in snow banks, to keep them cold, and even singing campfire songs! 

For dessert, a fun family activity can be learning how to create your own “sugar shack”, the Quebecois tradition using boiled maple syrup rolled into the snow as a kind of sweet sno-cone. 

The Heroes visit. The police and firefighters can often be the forgotten heroes, and a visit of appreciation to the frontline rescuers and officers is fantastic way to learn about what they do, and offer our thanks to them. A big cool factor is when they let the children into the cop cars and fire trucks – and even try on uniforms! 

Who says that March Break vacation ideas have to be elaborate, complicated or expensive? You're already winning by venturing forth on easy, fun and, most of all, economical holidays such as these.

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