Save Money by Travelling in Springtime

Jun 7, 2018

Many Canadians cannot wait until summer vacation. Why not get a head start with a spring getaway?

In May and June, the wind may be brisk, but the sun will warm you – and the most popular beaches, campsites, parks, museums and tourist destinations may be less crowded.

Here’s why spring travel can be the best:

  • The world is more beautiful in spring. The budding flowers, emerald leaves and new growth make even cloudy days shine with promise.

  • Shorter lines. From European art galleries to theme parks, the crowds of summer can be oppressive. In spring, you may be able to move around more quickly and take in more paintings (or gaze longer at your favourites), historic plaques, rides and attractions. You can also lay out your towel on the best spot on the beach – although you may not want to go swimming just yet.

  • Travel is rarely cheap, but in spring you may be able to do more for less. (And don't forget booking with a PC Financial Mastercard® with PC travel services earns PC Optimum points and a Best Price Guarantee.)

  • Special experiences. Spring offers many special events, sights or tasting menus that just aren’t available in summer. Enjoy spring skiing in the Rockies, chase icebergs in Newfoundland, savour the Apple Blossom Festival in Nova Scotia, or sample fresh strawberry drinks and desserts just about anywhere. My most memorable railway journey took place one May in Sweden, where our train stopped for a herd of migrating reindeer!

  • Beat the heat. Popular destinations such as Toronto, New York, Florida, the Grand Canyon and Italy or the South of France rock all summer long, but the heat can be brutal. Spring may offer breezy days, less humidity and more comfortable walking, hiking and cycling.

  • Fewer children. Travelling when school is “in” may mean quieter tourist sites, restaurants and parks. (This assumes you don't go anywhere near “Spring Break” destinations during Spring Break.) If you have kids, it’s a good idea to give the teachers advance notice so your kids can keep up with the school work for off-season vacations. You have to decide whether the experience will be worth all the catch-up homework when you get home.

Finally, you can't beat the long days of spring. Fall travel offers many shoulder-season benefits, but spring offers an extra four or more hours of daylight. That’s more time for a morning walk on the beach or watching the sun set over dinner on a patio. Savour the season!

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