Travel Plans? Get Our Top Credit Card Tips



Jumping in the car for a road trip? Jet-setting off to Europe? Whatever your plans, here are four smart ways to use your credit card when travelling.

  1. Know when to use your credit card…These days, most hotels, airlines, car rentals and entertainment reservations (and even some restaurants) require a credit card at the time of booking. So when you’re travelling, it’s important to have a widely recognized credit card at hand. The President’s Choice Financial® Mastercard® is accepted at 24 million locations in over 210 countries – just look for Cirrus®, Maestro®, or Mastercard symbols. And for added peace of mind, your PC Financial Mastercard also ensures guaranteed hotel and motel reservations.
  2. … And when to use cash. While many travel experts advise against carrying large amounts of money, it’s still necessary to keep local currency on hand to pay for cash-only vendors, cabs, public transit and tipping. When travelling abroad, often the most convenient way of converting your money is to use an ATM when you arrive.
  3. Give us a heads up before you go. To help prevent fraudulent activity on your card, we track unusual spending behaviour, so it’s a good idea to inform us of your travel plans – especially those outside of the country. Tell us where you’ll be and for how long and we’ll be able to prevent disruptions to your card usage.
  4. Keep your finances safe. There are some simple precautions you can take to help keep your belongings secure: Use the safety deposit box in your hotel room, keep purses and bags zipped and avoid carrying your wallet in easy-to-pick back pockets. It’s also a smart idea to check your account online while you’re away to make sure there are no unusual charges. If your card is lost or stolen, Mastercard Global Service can get you a replacement within two business days and – as long as you have the available credit – send you an emergency cash advance to tide you over in the meantime.

Happy – and safe – travels!

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