What should I do if my card is lost, stolen or damaged?

If you have already registered for online banking, please login to our online banking portal.

You can can report your card as lost, stolen, or damaged through your online account. If your card is lost or stolen, we will freeze your card and send you a new one. If your card was damaged, and you still have it, we will send you a new card and you can continue using your card in the meantime.

Steps (Desktop/Mobile):
1. Sign into your online account
2. Click "Account & Cards".
3. Click "Cards".
4. Click "Lost / Damaged Card" if you are still in possession of your card, but need a new one.
5. Click "Lost / Stolen" if you no longer have your card.
6. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your request.

Helpful Tip:
If you are issued a replacement card, please make sure to activate it.

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