5 tips to make your next road trip more rewarding

Jun 15, 2023

The tank is full, the car is clean and organized, snacks are packed, and the road is stretching out in front of you, full of possibility. There’s nothing like that summer road trip feeling. Kick off road trip season right with tips you can use to make it more rewarding, whether you’re winding into the woods to a cottage or cutting a line cross country.

1. Map it all out.

One of the best things about road trips is the complete freedom to discover hidden gems and go wherever the road takes you. But that carefree feeling is brought to you by none other than the time and thought you put into planning before you start you start the car. That includes having your route mapped out and knowing your timing: are you totally calm in traffic or do you prefer to head out early on quiet roads? Do you have a plan for your stops, or do you prefer to take the spontaneous approach? And don’t forget all the supplies—road trip essentials like snacks, drinks, sunscreen, wipes, and more.

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2. Set your budget.

Make sure you have a clear picture of the expenses involved once you arrive at your destination—but don’t forget to budget for the journey too. With all the excitement and potentially long travel days ahead, it can be easy to lose track of what you spend on food, break stops, sightseeing, and even parking if you let the road take you on a few detours. We usually bring a variety of snacks with us—we’ll pre-cook and prep food at home to bring along (a good cooler for the backseat is your best friend)—and we always stash a few large bottles of water in the car to refill at rest stop fountains as needed. Stock up on snacks ahead of time at Loblaws®, Real Canadian Superstore®, No Frills®, or Maxi® to earn up to 30 PC Optimum™ points² on every dollar you spend with your PC® Mastercard®.

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3. Make your playlists.

There’s no excuse for awkward silences or nodding off as a passenger when the tunes are bumping! Road trips are much more fun when you travel with great playlists. Whether it’s a daytrip or cross-country adventure, you’ll need a track list that will keep you going.

TRY THIS: Need a road trip DJ? Task all passengers with creating their own playlists. Make themes and explore podcasts and audio books too to make the most of your ride. Now your road trip has its own memorable soundtrack.

4. Keep the car organized (for at least the first 30 minutes).

Keeping our car clean, especially with our dog Fino, can be tough, even on shorter road trips. Our strategy is to make sure everything—snacks, phone chargers, cameras, flashlight, and cleaning supplies—has a “home” in the car and can be easily reached when needed. This helps keep the car tidy and the driver and navigator less stressed.

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5. Keep an open mind on the open road.

Don’t get stuck in the ditch of expectations! Road trips can be anything you want them to be—whether it’s a day jaunt to the next town over, a grand adventure, or anything in between. We took a road trip up the iconic Sea to Sky Highway recently and even though it’s close to home, it was so much fun to see our backyard through a different lens. We explored beaches, waterfalls, and lookouts, and it brought us back to the same first trip feeling when we arrived in Vancouver eight years ago. The nostalgia was real, and it was special recreating an unforgettable trip while also making new memories.

Remember: a road trip is as much about the journey as it is the destination, so don’t forget to take it all in and enjoy! That includes taking the scenic route and stopping at interesting exits when you have the time. So go ahead - stop at that incredible lookout, stretch your legs, take pictures, and make road trip memories that last a lifetime.

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¹Points amount shown includes the 10 points per dollar for all purchases with the PC Financial® Mastercard®. In addition, earn at least 10 PC Optimum™ points per purchased litre of gasoline or diesel fuel at Esso™ and Mobil™ stations in Canada when you pay with your PC Financial® Mastercard®. You will also earn at least 10 PC Optimum™ points per litre available to all PC Optimum™ loyalty members at Esso™ and Mobil™ stations in Canada. Earn an additional 10 points per litre of premium gasoline (Octane 89, 91, 93) at Esso™ and select Mobil™ Stations. You could earn even more points at Mobil™ stations located adjacent to a Loblaw banner grocery store. Exact earn rate is available at the station. Should fuel prices fall below $1/L, causing total points per litre awarded to fall below 30 points per litre, points will be topped up to ensure a minimum of 30 points per litre are awarded in all transactions paid with a PC Financial® Mastercard® at Esso™ and Mobil™ locations. For full details including how points are awarded to your PC Optimum™ account and rounding rules, visit pcfinancial.ca/en/legal-stuff/pc-optimum-mastercard/.

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