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Save or Splurge: The Holiday Edition

Nov 25, 2020

Spending too much on your holiday shopping can happen to the best of us—an extra gift here, a slightly-over-budget wreath there. But even more than in past years, this holiday season is about carving out those special moments with those nearest and dearest, which means spending where it really counts, and saving when you can. Luckily, not all of your holiday purchases need to break the bank, especially when you shop using PC Financial® payment products. From savvy stocking stuffers to ways you can earn while you spend, we’ve winnowed down the smartest places to save and splurge this season.

Save on: Stocking stuffers

These should be little nuggets of not-that-pricey joy—unless you’re hiding an engagement ring in there for a holiday proposal, in which case, go big! Otherwise, use this opportunity to challenge yourself to find small, affordable pieces that are meaningful, with an emphasis on quality goods that won’t break the budget. Take a quick run through the aisles of Shoppers Drug Mart® to pick up a novelty game the whole family can get into on lazy Sunday mornings, or a special package of your partner’s favourite chocolate to end the year on a sweet note. As a rule of thumb, these little gifts are about the sentiment, not the price tag. And by using the PC Money™ Account to buy your stocking stuffers, you can earn 10 PC Optimum™ points for every $1 of your purchases1, everywhere you shop, including online and in-store at retailers across Canada and around the world! In other words, you’ll make your money go even further.

Splurge on: Home decor

We’re all spending more time at home than usual this holiday season, and those creature comforts have never been more important. It’s the perfect time to splash out on a few pieces that spark joy. Our top suggestions? Candles, cashmere blankets, or maybe even a new sofa since that’s basically where you live now—items that will bring a feeling of warmth into your home as we head into those cold winter months. The idea is to go big on pieces that will make the time you’ll spend cuddling up with your family even more enjoyable. In other words, splurge on what makes you happiest.

Save on: Intimate holiday dinners

While we’ll have to get creative when it comes to celebrating this year’s festive season with our extended family, fewer places at the table does mean you’ll save money by trimming those catering costs. After all, your holiday dinner doesn’t need to be a large, lavish affair to feel festive. Doing something a little out of the ordinary at meal time is all it takes to make the occasion memorable. If you are hosting a smaller gathering, focus on serving three simple but indulgent courses; by including an appetizer before the main, you’ll make even the most low-key dinner feel special. Finish off with a show-stopping dessert like the PC® The Decadent® Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie and cut each guest an extra-large piece. Remember to leave a space at the table for a laptop, phone or tablet, so that you can call any loved ones who can’t be there in person and still have a special moment at mealtime together.

Splurge on: Big ticket gifts

For maximum thoughtfulness points, skip giving a number of smaller gifts and save up for a few “wow, really?!” presents for the most special people on your list—especially if you’re going to be apart during the holidays this year. (Just be sure to factor in shipping charges!) This approach to gifting is all about sharing joy with friends and family, no matter the physical distance between you. One meaningful present—with a handwritten note, which will totally take your gift-giving to the next level—may stand out more to the recipient than a pile of trinkets, not because of the cost, but because the gift will speak to your relationship and what they mean to you all year round. If you want to stretch that splurge budget even further, use your PC Financial® Mastercard® to earn up to 30 PC Optimum points for every $1 of your purchases at stores that participate in the PC Optimum program, and 10 points everywhere else you shop2. It will be a gift for your loved one and for your bottom line.

1Earn 5 regular PC Optimum points plus a bonus of 5 PC Optimum points per dollar of your purchases with your PC Money™ Account. President’s Choice Bank reserves the right to cancel, change or extend regular and bonus points earning rates as of September 30, 2021. PC Optimum points will be deducted for any returns. Account must be in good standing at time of qualifying transaction and awarding of points. Minimum redemption is 10,000 PC Optimum points (worth $10 in rewards) and in increments of 10,000 points thereafter at participating stores where President’s Choice® products are sold. Some redemption restrictions apply; visit pcoptimum.caExternal link for details, participating stores and full loyalty terms and conditions.

2Earn a minimum of 10 PC Optimum points per dollar on all of your purchases charged to the President’s Choice Financial Mastercard® everywhere you shop. When you use your President’s Choice Financial Mastercard® at affiliated Loblaw banner stores, you will earn 10 points per dollar for President’s Choice Financial Mastercard® cardholders; 20 points per dollar for President’s Choice Financial World Mastercard® cardholders; and 30 points per dollar for President’s Choice Financial World Elite Mastercard® cardholders. 

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