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Spending Money to Save Money: The Ultimate Life Hack

Sep 14, 2020

I absolutely love learning about the African diaspora through food. And because I’m always interested in testing and shooting new recipes for social media, I often spend way more than the average person on food and home decor. Between hunting for perfectly-ripe plantain at the supermarket and trying to find Ankara-print placemats online, it takes a lot of products and a lot of money to get the perfect shot. So it’s really no surprise that when it comes to building BLACK FOODIE into a media empire, more money goes out than comes in.

Working through the pandemic has made it very clear how much money I actually spend on life and career essentials like groceries, gas, props, and specialty ingredients. On average, I spend at least $100/week on food-related expenses, so I’m always looking for saving strategies that don’t require me to cut back on investing in my business. Because let’s be honest; being a content creator is truly a juggling act and the one ball you never want to drop is your money.

Fortunately, these days I can look at a crazy-high grocery bill and breathe easier knowing I can rack up hundreds of rewards points on everyday purchases by using the new PC Money™ Account. Powered by the same PC Optimum™ program we all know and love, the account turns basic banking into redeemable rewards points and the fact that there are no monthly fees associated with it is a game-changer. Plus, it’s super convenient for people like me who are always looking at news ways to get more out of their money.

The best part? Because you can earn 10 PC Optimum points for every dollar spent with each swipe at a cash register, I could see it helping me invest in my business and get free groceries and other essentials at the same time. If only everything in life worked that way!

Whether I’m making plans to sample jollof at a new West African restaurant or heading to the grocery store to grab ingredients for brown stew chicken, I’m glad my spending will lead to good food and lots of points that I will use on my next creative project.

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