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Why You Should Add the Mobile Shop to your Grocery List

Oct 3, 2017

Would you shop at a grocery store that offers one brand of food? Only if there was nowhere else to go. The same can be said about shopping for mobile service: Why settle for a plan without exploring other options? At The Mobile Shop, just around the corner from the grocery aisle at participating grocery stores where President’s Choice products are sold, there are even more options than you are looking for.

Here are three reasons why you should add The Mobile Shop to your grocery list:

Browse and compare multiple mobile providers

Located in more than 175 grocery stores across Canada, The Mobile Shop is all about variety and is an excellent addition to any grocery routine. Offering a full unbiased selection of mobile options, drawing from Canada’s leading wireless providers.

Wireless providers featured at The Mobile Shop include:

  • Bell

  • Virgin

  • Rogers

  • Fido

  • Freedom

  • Telus

  • Koodo

  • MTS (in Manitoba)

Earn PC Optimum points with your new mobile phone

When you buy through The Mobile Shop, you can earn hundreds of PC Optimum points in a single transaction. In addition to being redeemable across 2,500 stores across the country, PC Optimum points can also be used to get you even more mobile gear. To-date, The Mobile Shop has rewarded its customers with more than 12 billion PC Optimum points! That’s a lot of free stuff.

Get great advice

From existing contracts to outdated phones, the world of mobile is always changing. Speak to one of The Mobile Shop’s in-house mobile experts to see if you are getting the most out of your existing mobile device and plan. This absolutely free consultation only takes a few minutes and can be done at The Mobile Shop nearest to you.

Find the location nearest you

The commitment to mobile satisfaction

Conveniently located right in the grocery store, you can check out The Mobile Shop when you come in, before you leave or even in between your trip from the produce to the butcher. As part of your grocery routine, you can chat with a mobile advisor directly while you shop. Mobile convenience direct from your shopping cart.

Start turning my conversations into free groceries.

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