What is Autopay and how do I setup Autopay?

Set up Autopay to automatically pay your credit card minimum monthly payment or full statement balance when it’s due. It’s easy to set up through your PC Financial® online account (opens in a new window)External link (Select your PC Mastercard account under Accounts section and click on Autopay). You will receive an email confirming successful enrollment to Autopay.

After you setup Autopay, your first-preauthorized debit payment will be scheduled to debit automatically on your next statement due date. However, please note that if your next statement due date is within 2 business days, you will need to manually pay your credit card statement for this month. All other future payments will be processed automatically in accordance with the PC® Mastercard® Pre-authorized Debit (PAD) Payment Service Agreement.

If you need to cancel or make any changes to your pre-authorized debit payment, please log in to your online account (opens in a new window)External link or click here (opens in a new window)External link to learn more.

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