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What is a goal account and how do I set one up in my PC Money Account?

Creating a Goal account helps you put aside money towards things you’re saving for, like a trip, a special gift, or buying a new bike.

You can make deposits into your goal account whenever you like, or set up daily, weekly, or monthly automatic transfers from your PC Money Account. Although you can’t access money you’ve set aside in your goal account for your everyday transactions, you can move the money you’ve saved back into your spending account if you need to, or easily cancel your goal account whenever you're ready to spend.

Before you begin

Only PC Money Account-holders can access goals.


  1. Log in to your PC Financial mobile app or online account

  2. Click the “My goals” button on the dashboard (swipe left on the mobile app)

  3. Click the button to set up a new goal, and follow on-screen instructions

Helpful tip

You can set up automatic transfers into your goal account to start saving with your eyes closed! Remember that money in your goal account can’t be accessed for everyday transactions so your account could go into overdraft even though there are funds in your goal account.

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