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You’ve registered a transaction dispute, now what?

If you’ve registered your dispute through your PC Financial Mastercard online account, please email your supporting documentation to our Dispute Resolution Team at:

documents@pcmastercard.caExternal link  

If you’ve called our Dispute Specialists and requested that a Dispute Form be mailed to you, please complete the details required, attach required supporting documentation and e-mail us at: 

documents@pcmastercard.caExternal link  

Alternately you may: 

Mail documentation to: 

PC Financial Mastercard
P.O. BOX 4403, Station A, Dept. 5115
Toronto, ON M5W 5Y4
Attention: Chargeback Department 

Or Fax: 
FAX: 1-866-271-7262 

If we need additional information, we’ll let you know. Please be aware that PC Financial Mastercard is governed by Mastercard Rules and Regulations and must abide by the timeframes established by Mastercard. 

Once a chargeback has been processed, a temporary credit for the disputed transaction will be applied to your account. Interest is not charged for a disputed transaction while under investigation. If you are paying your statement balance in full, you may deduct the disputed amount from your payment if you would like, while still benefiting from the interest free grace period on new purchases appearing for the first time on the statement. 

A merchant will have the opportunity to provide a rebuttal and this may take up to 45 days. If a rebuttal is received and further information is required, you will be contacted by our Dispute Resolution Team either by phone or mail. You will only be contacted if further information or details are required. 
Protecting yourself from unwanted activity 

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind that will help protect you: 

  • When shopping online, be sure the website has “https” in the address line, which indicates it’s secure 

  • Always read the terms and conditions of the offer, purchase or contract before you provide your information, such as credit card number and personal contact details. Be wary of “Free Trials”. The terms and conditions for the “Free Trial” may indicate additional charges and products that you may not want. The only way to stop this will be for you to cancel with the merchant.

  • Contracts will always include cancellation conditions. Be aware and ensure you are comfortable with all of the conditions and address them with the merchant prior to committing if you are not. Our assistance may be limited to what’s specified in the terms you have agreed to

  • Be aware of your surroundings, and don’t present your card until it’s necessary and only if you are expecting to make a purchase. Don’t read your card number out loud in public; use your hand or body to keep your PIN hidden on keypads ; and ensure if a cashier asks for your card, it always remains in your sight.

  • Shred your statements and other papers that show your card number, rather than throwing them in the trash or recycle bin