Introducing the PC Money Account.

10 PC Optimum points per dollar you spend, everywhere you shop — and no monthly fee.

Introducing a whole new
way to think about

The PC Money Account works like a bank account you can use
worldwide, even online, anywhere Mastercard® is accepted.

More for your money.


points for every $1 on all purchases, online and in-store1


points per $1 at Shoppers Drug Mart2

Get started with up to 50,000 points.

That’s worth up to $50 in points to spend how you want and when you want. You can earn up to 50,000 bonus points for setting up your account with the below steps.

  • Link another Bank Account4

  • Set up Payroll Direct Deposit4

  • First $50 Purchase4

  • 5 Bill Payments4

  • No monthly

    Or minimum balance

  • Unlimited everyday

    Save, send and spend
    in-store or online.

  • Free Interac
    e-Transfer® services

    No fees when you
    give money or get money.

  • Online bill

    Score points for paying monthly
    bills from your account.

More of that no fee life.

  • Optional Overdraft

    Get overdraft protection if you need
    it—fees apply only when you use it.

  • Personalized
    savings goals

    Easily set goals and save money
    how you want.

  • Free in–store ATM

    Take out cash for free from
    PC Financial ATMs.

  • Easily transfer
    between accounts

    Transfer money to your PC Financial
    Mastercard® to pay your bill faster.

Keeping your money safe.

Security is our first priority. So, we put extra protections in place just in case.

  • CDIC protection on eligible deposits

  • Two factor authentication

  • 24/7 fraud detection and support

  • Mastercard® Zero Liability Promise for unauthorized purchases1

Learn more about CDIC

Let’s get digital.

Access your account from anywhere, online or through the app.

  • Image of torn calendar sheet with dollar symbol

    Easy online money management tools.

  • 24/7 online support from our team.

  • Tap up to $250 at a time, anywhere Mastercard® is accepted.

  • Bar graph icon

    Digital monthly statements.

Make the move.

Easily open a PC Money Account today.

  • 1. Open an account at or enrol through our mobile app

  • 2. Add money to your account

  • 3. Make a purchase to start scoring points

Find an ATM.

Take out cash for free at one of our PC Financial ATMs, conveniently located in our stores9. Or, talk to us in person at your nearest PC Financial pavilion.


What is a PC Money™ Account?

The PC Money Account is an account that works like debit, and rewards you every time you use it to make a purchase. Accepted everywhere Mastercard® is, this no monthly fee account gives you unlimited everyday transactions and rewards you with 10 PC Optimum points on every $1 you spend on purchases.

How does the PC Money Account differ from a conventional debit account?

The PC Money Account is an online self-service money management account. This means you can pay bills (including pre-authorized withdrawals for things like gym memberships and utility bills), and transfer funds between banks. You earn PC Optimum points every time you use your card to make a purchase online or in-store. You can use your card everywhere Mastercard® is accepted, including online and when travelling abroad. However, you can’t write or deposit cheques, or use your card with merchants that don’t accept Mastercard® payments.

How do I transfer funds into my account from another financial institution?

You can transfer funds by linking an external account, or by sending yourself an Interac e-Transfer®. Sending yourself an Interac e-Transfer® is the fastest way to fund your account. Linking an external account may take up to 3 business days.

Steps to send yourself an Interac e-Transfer®

  1. Send an Interac e-Transfer® from your external account, and input your own personal PC Money Account information. (Note that if you have Autodeposit set up with an external bank for the email address you’re using, you’ll need to disable Autodeposit in order to be able to receive the funds into your PC Money Account.
  2. You'll get a text or an e-mail to deposit your Interac e-Transfer®. When you do, select your PC Financial account
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to deposit your Interac e-Transfer®.

To link an external account

  1. Log in to your PC Financial mobile app or online account
  2. Click the pay and transfer button (the plus sign "+" on your mobile app)
  3. Click Move Money
  4. Hit Link External Account, and follow on-screen instructions to enter account information
  5. Wait up to 3 business days until your micro deposits show up in the external account you are linking. Make a note of the amounts of the micro deposits
  6. Repeat steps 1 -3 and confirm the amounts of the micro deposits when prompted
  7. You will see a “success” screen verifying that your account has been linked

Do I earn PC Optimum points on my PC Money Account?

You bet. Your PC Money Account earns you 5 regular PC Optimum points plus 5 bonus PC Optimum points* for every $1 of your purchases, everywhere Mastercard® is accepted. Don't forget to link your card with your PC Optimum account to earn more points with your personalized offers at participating stores.

*Earn 5 regular PC Optimum points plus a bonus of 5 PC Optimum points per dollar of your purchases with your PC Money Account. President’s Choice Bank reserves the right to cancel, change or extend regular and bonus points earning rates as of September 30, 2021. PC Optimum points will be deducted for any returns. Account must be in good standing at time of qualifying transaction and awarding of points. Minimum redemption is 10,000 PC Optimum points (worth $10 in rewards) and in increments of 10,000 points thereafter at participating stores where President’s Choice® products are sold. Some redemption restrictions apply; visit for details, participating stores and full loyalty terms and conditions.

Are my money and account secure?

Yes. President’s Choice Bank is a member of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC), which means your deposits are eligible for insurance up to a maximum of $100,000 per financial institution. We also use 2-factor authentication and encryption, helping keep your account and money secure. If you suspect suspicious activity on your account, you can easily lock and unlock your card, online or through the PC Financial app.

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    Apply for a no annual fee PC Financial Mastercard®.

    Not insured by the CDIC.

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