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By Limor Markman on August 8, 2017

Easy Ways to Help Give Your Financial Worries a Summer Vacation

Easy Ways to Help Give Your Financial Worries a Summer Vacation

Summer in synonymous with sunshine, the great outdoors, relaxation and fun! Everyone is happier in the summer and most of us take some form of vacation even if it is a “staycation” to enjoy the best part of the year. The unspoken truth is that for many of us, even on our summer break, the worry of our finances and the stress of not having enough money, spending too much or not putting enough money aside for the future is still with us.

This summer help give your finances a vacation with these tips:

  1. Attend summer festivals and free events.

    Canadian cities come alive in the summer months with endless festivals and free events. From themed events to the arts and sciences, on weekends, there are usually exciting new low cost and free celebrations to participate in. Not only can you taste and explore new cultural and culinary delights, but they are easy on the wallet and budget. It’s a great way to compensate for overspending in previous months or save a little more for a big-ticket item or a goal that you’ve been wanting.
  2. Use your gift cards and PC® points.

    Many of us have unused or half used gift cards in our wallets, which we’ve collected over the past year perhaps from holidays and birthdays. Summer is a great time to use these cards to cover daily expenses, or treat yourself or a loved one. Alternatively, consider redeeming some of your PC points from your PC Financial® Mastercard®. You’ve likely been accumulating PC points with every dollar you have been spending, so why not redeem your points for pool toys, BBQs tools or patio accessories. Perhaps redeem your PC points at Loblaw banner stores towards groceries* for a summer’s night of entertaining family and friends. Leveraging gift cards and points will allow you to indulge without spending.
  3. Make the most of the outdoors.

    Canadian summers always feel too short, so this summer plan to spend time enjoying the great (and inexpensive) outdoors. Have a picnic, walk through and re-explore your favourite neighbourhoods or relax at the beach. If you love being active, go for a run, bike ride, or play outdoor sports with your friends. There are abundant opportunities to spend time outside, take a break from our regular routines and benefit from the serenity of nature. It will enable you to truly exhale and help ease your financial stress.
  4. Enjoy patio season without overspending.

    A wonderful way to spend a summer’s evening is on a patio with a pot-luck dinner in your own back yard. Instead of going to expensive restaurants and waiting for a coveted table on the patio, why not invite friends and family over for a pot-luck meal in your own outdoor oasis. This way everyone contributes, enjoys different types of dishes and benefits from a budget friendly evening. Enjoying a great meal at home with family and friends is much more intimate, cost effective and you won’t be rushed off the patio right after your meal.  

    The summertime brings out the best in us, putting us in better spirits, so let’s take advantage of this wonderful season to not only make the most of it, but also give our wallets and budgets a break too. With all the events and celebrations scheduled for Canada 150, this could be your best summer yet!  

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*Minimum redemption is 20,000 PC points (worth $20 in rewards) and in increments of 10,000 PC points thereafter at participating grocery stores where President’s Choice products are sold. Some redemption restrictions apply; visit for details.
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