Discover the power of the PC Optimum program with the President's Choice Financial Mastercard® and earn even more free food, beauty products and apparel at the places you love to shop.

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earn even more points on the things you buy every day with personalized offers at more places.

Earn an additional 15 points

per dollar at Shoppers Drug Mart on almost every dollar you spend with the PC Financial Mastercard.

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For every 10,000 points you earn, you can redeem for $10 worth of free stuff from beauty to groceries to so much more at almost 2,500 locations across Canada.

No need for another card.

The PC Financial Mastercard earns you PC Optimum points on everything you buy.


What is a household

As a PC Optimum member, you have the opportunity to pool your points with those of up to 9 other PC Optimum members, for a total of 10 members. This grouping is called a "Household". All members of a Household can contribute points to the same total, and all members have the opportunity to redeem from that same points total, too. Don't worry, you do not need to physically live with those who you Household PC Optimum points with to qualify for a Household.

It is important to note that authorized user(s) on your account will continue to earn points towards your PC Optimum points balance but there are some necessary steps you must take if you wish to allow them to redeem these points on their own.

Creating a household

You can join a Household only if another PC Optimum member invites you. Creating a Household is just as easy.

Through Account, select Household and follow the instructions to invite up to 9 other PC Optimum members to pool their points with yours.

Step 1:

Register and link your President's Choice Financial Mastercard® at

Step 2:

Send an invitation from your online account to your Authorized User(s) to join your Household.

Step 3:

Your Authorized User(s) will need to accept your invitation and register for their own online PC Optimum account.

Step 4:

Start earning and redeeming more points in more places - together!

Learn more about Householding, click here.

Have questions? Find Answers.

  • Why can't I link my PC Financial Mastercard® to the PC Optimum program?

    A small group of PC Financial Mastercard customers are experiencing an error message when they try to link their card to a PC Optimum account. We are working on getting this issue fixed, please try again in a few days, and we'll advise once the issue is resolved. In the meantime, download the app, or pick up a card in store and register for an account online. When shopping, show the cashier your PC Optimum card or app to collect the points for your personalized offers, and then pay using your PC Financial Mastercard to ensure you get all your regular points.

  • I registered for the PC Optimum program and linked my PC Financial Mastercard®, but my balance displays 0 points.

    If you are an authorized user on a PC Financial Mastercard account, when you register, you will not be able to see any of the points on your PC Optimum account because they only display on the primary credit cardholder's account. For you to be able to access these points, you and the primary cardholder will need to use a new feature called Householding. To learn more click here.

  • I have a PC Financial debit card or a new replacement debit card but no PC Plus card. What do I do?

    If you have your PC Financial debit card or your new replacement card, pick up a PC Optimum card from a store and register it online or through the app to create a new account. After registering you can call the PC Optimum call center at 1-866-727-6468 and they will be able to manually link the points from your debit account to your new PC Optimum account.

Browse the full FAQs here.

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