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Here’s what you’re missing out on:

  • Personalized offers allow you to earn more PC points when you buy your favourite products at participating grocery stores where President’s Choice® products are sold.
  • Rack up your PC points and redeem them for dollars off your grocery bill.*

Want access to these benefits? Don’t worry – it’s easy to join. Start earning even more PC points today. Remember to choose ‘I have a PC Financial® card’ when you’re joining the PC Plus program.

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Pool your points to get to free rewards sooner.

If you’ve been using a PC Plus card in addition to your PC Financial® MasterCard® when you shop, you may be earning PC points into two separate accounts. Link your PC Plus account to your PC Financial MasterCard – pooling your PC points can mean free rewards* sooner. Here’s a closer look at how it works.*

PC Plus Card

If you have a PC PlusCard

Let’s say your current points balance is:


Only 12,000 points away from free groceries.

PC Financial Master Card

If you have a PC Financial MasterCard

Let’s say your current points balance is:


Only 8,000 points away from free groceries.


What if the cards were linked?


Adds up to enough points to redeem for free groceries today.

  • Pool your points in four simple steps.
    1. If you haven’t already, register your PC Financial MasterCard for PC Plus by going to and clicking ‘Join Now.’ Then select ‘I have a PC Financial® card.’ If you’ve already registered your PC Plus card, you’ll need to use a different email address to register your PC Financial MasterCard.
    2. If you haven’t registered your PC Plus card, follow the same steps but select 'I have a PC Plus card’. Remember you must provide a different email address than the one used to register your PC Financial MasterCard.
    3. Once your PC Plus and PC Financial MasterCard accounts are registered, log in using the email address associated with your PC Plus card at Once you’ve logged in, under the drop down menu (shown by clicking on your name at the top menu bar), click ‘My Account’ and ‘Pool your points’ and follow the instructions to combine the two accounts.
    4. You’re all set. Now you just need to shop with your PC Financial MasterCard to get to rewards sooner because all of your points are pooled in one account.

Track your PC points on-the-go with the convenient PC Plus app.