Give your future self 2.25%*, tax free.

Saving’s tough. We feel you. So when you do it, hold onto it by putting it in a President’s Choice Financial® Tax-Free savings account (TFSA). Especially since from November 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017, your savings can earn a great rate of 2.25% on new deposits.

“What else?” you ask? Well, like the name “tax-free” suggests, your interest earnings won’t be taxed (as long as your contributions are within your personal limit). They’re also a risk-free way to save for future goals, but if you need to withdraw your money you can, anytime, without any penalties.

Ready to get your future self on track with a TFSA?

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*How the Offer Works

The President’s Choice Financial® promotional interest offer (the “Offer”) is available to all Eligible Accounts between November 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017 (the “Offer Period”). “Eligible Account” means an existing President’s Choice Financial® The World’s Best Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), Interest Plus RRSP and/or Tax Free Interest Plus savings account, and any new President’s Choice Financial The World’s Best RRSP, Interest Plus RRSP and /or Tax Free Interest Plus savings account that is opened during the Offer Period.

  1. To participate in the Offer, an Eligible Account holder must enrol for or accept the Offer during the Offer Period by calling 1 866 747 8128, visiting an in-store President's Choice Financial pavilion to speak with a personal banking representative or by accepting the targeted online offer through online banking.
  2. The special annual interest rate of 2.25% is a combination of the regular annual interest rate set by President’s Choice Financial payable on an Eligible Account balance (“Regular Interest”), plus promotional interest (“Promotional Interest”) that is calculated for the Offer Period on the Additional Balance as defined below.
  3. The Promotional Interest is calculated on March 31, 2017 on the portion of the Eligible Account’s average daily closing balance during the Offer Period that exceeds the closing balance as at October 31, 2016 (the “Additional Balance”) to a maximum of $500,000 in Additional Balances aggregated across all of an account holder’s Eligible Accounts. The daily closing balance in any Eligible Account opened during the Enrolment Period will be deemed to be $0.00 until the date a deposit is made in the Eligible Account. If an Eligible Account is overdrawn as at October 31, 2016, the closing balance is deemed to be $0.00. You can contribute up to your contribution room. A tax applies to all contributions exceeding your contribution room. Your TFSA contribution room or RRSP deduction limit information can be found by visiting the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) web page at;
  4. All Promotional Interest will be paid in April 2017 into a single Eligible Account held by a primary account holder. If an account holder has multiple Eligible Accounts, the Promotional Interest for each Eligible Account will be paid separately into that Eligible Account. Promotional Interest will not be paid into any Eligible Account that is not active and in good standing as at March 31, 2017. Eligible Accounts will continue to earn Regular Interest on balances, calculated daily and paid monthly.
  5. Offer is non-transferable and cannot be combined with other promotional rate offers. The provider of President’s Choice Financial personal banking services (the direct banking division of CIBC), reserves the right to cancel or change the terms of the Offer at any time, and revoke the Offer for any customer who appears to be manipulating or abusing the Offer, or is engaged in any suspicious/fraudulent activity.
  6. Promotional Interest as well as Regular Interest are subject to change at any time; visit for current regular rates or speak to a President’s Choice Financial personal banking representative for current rates of registered Eligible Account investments: The World’s Best RRSP, Interest Plus RRSP and/or Tax Free Interest Plus savings account.
  7. Additional terms, conditions and limitations apply to opening and making deposits in an Eligible Account. Individuals must meet the criteria of President’s Choice Financial to open or hold an Eligible Account in order to qualify for the Offer. Promotional Interest recipient is solely responsible for any tax consequences associated with the Promotional Interest. The Promotional Interest cannot be substituted or transferred to a third party. Details are available upon request.

®/TM PC, President’s Choice, PC Financial, President’s Choice Financial, and Interest Plus are trademarks of Loblaws Inc. Trademarks used under license. CIBC a licensee of the marks.

President’s Choice Financial personal banking services are provided by the direct banking division of CIBC. Banking services not available in Quebec.

The great rate is also available on our Interest Plus™ RRSP.

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