Get to free fast with a PC® Mastercard®. 

Apply for a no annual fee PC® Mastercard® and accelerate your PC Optimum™ points earning.

100K Limited Time ONLY

Start establishing credit

The PC Financial® team understands how challenging it is to establish a credit history in a new country. You can apply online now for a no annual fee PC® Mastercard® to get you started today.

Every purchase made with a no annual fee PC® Mastercard® earns PC Optimum™ points5, which can be redeemed online at stores that participate in the PC Optimum™ program or in 4,500 grocery stores and drugstores across Canada to redeem towards food, clothing or personal care products. Every 10,000 points can be redeemed for $10 worth of products at participating stores*. You can also redeem 4,000 points to get 10 cents off per litre of fuel (up to 40 L), or redeem 10,000 points for any car wash package, at Esso™ stations in Canada3.

Plus, for a limited time, get 100,000 welcome bonus points* when you make your first purchase with a new PC® Mastercard®. That’s $100 worth of PC Optimum™ points.

Please note: This is an exclusive online offer. PC Financial® accepts Ukrainian passports as a valid form of identification. Applicants will require a valid Canadian address and phone number to complete their application and service will be available in English and French.

Earn PC Optimum™
points everywhere you shop.

Redeem12 at more than 4,500 locations across Canada.

Get up to 10% back in points.

Start accelerating your PC Optimum™ points earn when you follow these 3 easy steps:


Load new personalized offers every Thursday on the PC Optimum™ app and PC Financial® app to help you plan your shop.


Using the PC® Mastercard® at our stores1 and during bonus points events is the fastest way to pile up points. Plus, earn points anywhere you shop5.


Stack points by scanning your PC Optimum™ app and paying with your PC® Mastercard® to power up your points potential.

Explore an example of how to earn 10% back in points‡ in a year with a PC® Mastercard®**.

$40/month average spend on fuel at Esso™ or Mobil™ stations3.

$150/month average spend at Shoppers Drug Mart® stores2.

$200/month average spend at participating grocery stores1.

$390/month average spend everywhere else4.

For example, by stacking a total of $9,360 in purchases with offer events like 20x the points at Shoppers Drug Mart® stores, you could earn $980 back in points this year.

**This example is being used for illustration purposes only and reflects earning rates with the PC® World Elite Mastercard® in combination with the PC Optimum™ program. There are a variety of ways to earn 10% back in points based on spend; individual results will vary.

Discover your earning potential6.

Estimated monthly spending:

PC Mastercard image

PC® Mastercard®

That's worth up to:


in PC Optimum™ points during your first year depending on which card you're approved for.

Estimate based on PC® World Elite Mastercard® earning rates and assumed spending by category. Individual spending rates will vary.

  • Health

    Monthly purchase amount for Health
  • Gas

    Monthly purchase amount for Gas
  • Groceries

    Monthly purchase amount for Groceries
  • Everywhere else

    Monthly purchase amount for Everywhere else
  • Welcome bonus

    $20 in points

Interest rates9 for our cards.

Basic rates may apply. See details below in Legal Details.

  • 21.99%

    Purchase interest rate (standard).

  • 22.97%

    Cash advance interest rate (standard). In Quebec, 21.97%.

  • 21 days

    Interest-free grace period on new purchases.

Get the most from your award-winning credit card§

Enjoy these great features and benefits.

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your information is secure

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Stay on top of all your account details including e-statements and more online or by downloading the mobile app.

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