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4 things you might not know about credit card rewards—but really should

Nov 18, 2020

I love credit card rewards programs. I mean, come on: getting points just because I bought something I was already going to buy, like groceries or gas? Yes, please. But not all credit cards are made equal, so if you’re going to maximize your rewards, you need to know all the tricks. Here are five of our top tips.

1. A great way to accumulate points is through sign-up bonuses

It’s tough to beat the major points you earn through a juicy sign-up bonus. Keep an eye out for a welcome offer that lets you earn a lot of points upfront to maximize your rewards potential, while paying attention to the fine print. Many bonuses are dependent on you fulfilling certain criteria, like making an initial purchase within the first three months of getting the card, in order to qualify for the full amount. You don’t want to lose out on those valuable points because you missed a step!

2. You can double dip

Don’t let any opportunity to accumulate points pass you by—and that includes taking advantage of personalized offers in your PC Optimum™ app, even if you’re already paying with your PC Financial® Mastercard®. Your points will automatically stack, so you’re essentially earning points in two ways on the same purchase.

3. Don’t forget the under-the-radar perks

Yes, points are great. But what about your very own personal assistant who can help you beat the bots when buying concert or event tickets, score a reservation at a hot new restaurant or even organize gift delivery when you forget Grandma’s birthday? PC Financial® World Mastercard® and PC Financial® World Elite Mastercard® customers have 24/7 access to time-saving concierge services that can do just that1. And there are other lesser-known rewards that you should know about. For example, all PC Financial® Mastercard® cards offer extended manufacturer warranties2, and PC Financial® World Elite Mastercard® customers can benefit from help avoiding identity theft and even help with restoring your identity if your personal information does get compromised3.

4. Keep track of your points

Whether you’re accumulating points in just one program or you’re a rewards wiz who’s balancing several cards, it’s important to check in on your points balances regularly. That’s key if you’re going to be strategic about redeeming them—and to keep an eye on your transactions and points balances. And don’t forget about other important details, like how much time you have to meet minimum spending requirements with your credit cards (otherwise you risk missing out on bonus offers). 

1Concierge Services are available on a 24/7 basis. You can call for assistance in arrangements for travel, entertainment, business and shopping. Any costs incurred for, or in connection with such services will be charged to Your Card, subject to credit availability. Concierge Services are provided by Assurant Services Canada Inc. (ASCI).

2 Purchase Assurance protects most new items of personal property purchased with a President’s Choice Financial® Mastercard® against loss, theft or damage within ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. Extended Warranty doubles the manufacturer’s regular warranty for up to one (1) additional year. Conditions, limitations and exclusions apply.

3Concierge Services and Identity Theft Services are provided by Assurant Services Canada Inc. (ASCI)

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