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4 Unconventional Ways of Saving Money

Jun 7, 2018

Just as there are no easy paths to saving money, there are no straight paths amassing a fortune either. While you may be using all of the traditional tricks and tips for saving money, there is always something else you can be doing to bag even more cash. Some saving methods are stranger than others, but a little creativity can sometimes go a long way.

Here are just some more unconventional ways you can save money:

Shop on a time limit

Whenever you need to visit a store, set yourself a time limit and challenge yourself to be in and out in as little time as possible. Not only does this save you valuable time for more important things, but also ensures you stay focused on the essential items on your list without getting sucked into impulse buys. 

Buy more to save more

Especially for inelastic home items, such as toilet paper or soap, sometimes buying in bulk can save you substantial amounts of cash. Whether on sale or as multi-packs, always look for chances to stock up on items you might be paying normal prices for otherwise. 

You may also save when you buy food items in bulk. At the grocery store, look for food items offered as multi-packs or packaged in larger sizes. These bulk items may be cheaper by volume than their single item purchases.

Kill electric vampires

When you go to sleep at night they stay awake glowing in the darkness. Electric vampires, also known as any appliance which constantly draws power, can be a drain on your home’s power and inflate your electricity bill. So, before powering down for the night, consider unplugging any chargers, computers, modems or any other devices which continue to suck electricity from your home.

Watch your water intake

Although water in our home often costs only fractions of a cent per litre, it adds up. By the end of the month, we are sometimes left scratching our heads over our water meter readings. But there are a couple of unconventional ways to save on your water bill:

Navy showers: shower just long enough to get wet; turn off your shower; soap up thoroughly; finish with a quick rinse.

Cooler showers: save on your energy bill and more than likely your cooler showers will be much shorter. A cooler shower in the morning can help wake up even the worst morning people.

Wash your hair less: you do not have to look like a commercial every time you leave your house. Help save on water, hair products and, without the need of blow-drying, your electricity bill.

Change your toilet: older toilets can require over 13 litres of water per flush. If you have an older toilet, consider swapping for a low-volume or dual-flush model to considerably cut your water usage.

Turn off the taps: turn off your faucet in between rinsing and brushing your teeth to help save on your water bill.

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