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5 Canadians on why they love the PC Optimum™ program

Jan 21, 2021

There’s a good chance that if you asked a Canadian to open up their wallet, you would find the distinctive white and red loyalty card revealing them to be a PC Optimum™ points collector. Along with loonies and poutine, the PC Optimum program is a well-known element of life in Canada; after all, you can earn and redeem points at over 4,500 stores across Canada, as well as online, and that is something many of us take very, very seriously.

From coast to coast, here are 5 stories of real Canadians explaining why they love their PC Optimum cards—and how they use those coveted points.

Loading personalized offers helps when stocking up on essentials

“Every Thursday, you get sent personalized offers—like special prices on certain items, or extra points on things you buy regularly—and I literally load mine onto my PC Optimum app the second I wake up. I’m a mom of three, with a brand-new baby, so I’m always looking out for special offers so I can stock up on essentials like diapers.”

“I’m also really passionate about upping my points—during the pandemic, it’s actually been a surprising way to spark a little joy! Before I head to the store, I check the Shoppers Drug Mart® or No Frills® flyer to see if anything we need is part of a bonus points special. I’m currently at nearly 350,000 points, and I’m hoping to redeem them for a pair of wireless earbuds for myself.” - Katherine, 36, Vaughan, Ont.

Combining special offers when redeeming points makes your dollars go further

“At least once a week, I use my PC Optimum card to either swipe to collect points or to redeem them for things like groceries or makeup. I do try to shop on that day to get the most value I can.” - Cathy, 62, Victoria, B.C.

“I like to save up my points until they have those “spend your points” events, when you get more value for your PC Optimum points. I’ll often use them then to buy gifts for other people, or beauty products for myself. Otherwise, I do like to spend them here and there to treat myself. Usually, it’s sweets or chocolate!” - Luisa, 65, Brampton, Ont.

Using your PC Financial® Mastercard® to make purchases earns you even more points

“I have my PC Financial® Mastercard® linked to my PC Optimum account, which means I earn points on everything I buy, not just things I get at Loblaws® or Shoppers Drug Mart®. That means I accumulate points way faster than when I use my PC Optimum card alone! Every once in a while, I can buy an entire week’s worth of groceries just using points.” - Britt, 32, Oakville, Ont.

Redeeming points is the best way to treat yourself to little splurges

“I use my points to for groceries and beauty products I wouldn’t normally buy. Like, last week I used my points to buy a lobster for a special occasion! I like to save my points up, and then make a bigger purchase when I hit 50,000 points, which is equivalent to $50 when redeemed.” - Emma, 30, Montreal, Que.

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