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5 Teacher Gifts (that they'll really love)

Aug 30, 2019

When it comes to thanking the people who spend their days educating, guiding and caring for your child, end-of-year or teacher appreciation week gifts—while not mandatory or expected—are one way to show your appreciation. But many people are on a limited budget, and have more than one child and/or teacher in their lives. So what kinds of gifts are both inexpensive and truly appreciated? The good news is it doesn’t take a lot of money or stress to show a teacher they’ve earned top marks. Here are five suggestions to consider:

1. School supplies:

Did you know that many teachers spend their own money helping to outfit their classrooms with school supplies? Gifts such as markers, pencil crayons, pencils, glue sticks, grade-appropriate books or a dictionary are practical and warmly received.

2. Custom Kits: 

Get creative and pull a few inexpensive items into a bundle that shows you’ve given the present some thought. For example, you might fill an inexpensive plastic tumbler or water bottle with drink crystals, some mints or gum and a recipe for your favourite summer drink for a refreshing start to their summer. What about a jar of premeasured cookie ingredients to bake a delicious treat? Visit your local Loblaw banner store, including Real Canadian Superstore and Shoppers Drug Mart, for a convenient source of ideas and supplies--and you can redeem your PC Optimum points towards purchases you make.

Try to avoid “teacher” mugs (they probably already have a million!). Personal gifts, such as perfume or scented creams, may also not be appropriate unless you know the teacher and their preferences and/or allergies well.

3. Donations: 

A small charitable donation to a cause the teacher supports or that has special significance to them or your child is a thoughtful and unexpected present.

4. Gift cards: 

Everyone likes choosing something special for themselves. No matter the denomination, gift cards to any number of stores or restaurants will never go unappreciated. Besides the popular coffee, wine or book store gift cards, why not opt for one that’s redeemable at a gas station, dollar store, movie theatre or craft or grocery store? 

5. Gifts from the heart

The best presents don’t have to cost anything. Whether done individually or as a group (with the help of other parents or teachers), a heartfelt thank you note or a handmade craft, drawing or scrapbook might be the one gift that outlasts the others. 

As one teacher says, “It’s the words from kids and parents that mean the most.”

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