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5 Ways You're Using Your Credit Card Wrong

Jun 7, 2018

Find out how you could be getting more from your credit card, by maximizing its benefits, and how to improve your credit score at the same time.

You’re saving your credit card for a rainy day. 

Using and paying off your credit card regularly is the first step to a higher (translation: healthier) credit score.

You’re not getting rewards you can use. The 

President’s Choice Financial® Mastercard® has no annual fee, plus you can earn PC Optimum points for every dollar spent to put toward the products you love most.

You’re not automating your payments. 

Setting up automatic credit card payments can make handling your bills no-fuss and help ensure that your credit history is squeaky clean.

You’re not maximizing the travel benefit of the President’s Choice Financial® Mastercard®. 

When you book a trip through PC TravelExternal link and pay with a President’s Choice Financial® Mastercard®, you’ll earn PC Optimum points for every dollar spent.

You’re using retailer credit cards. 

These credit cards often carry high interest rates, and applying for multiple cards can lower your credit score.

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