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6 Ideas for a Cheery Holiday with Your Partner

Dec 20, 2018

Everyone knows about the stressors of the holidays—the time and cost of hunting for gifts, festive meal-planning, perhaps even all the fine-tuning necessary to accommodate incoming house guests. The list goes on.

In the throes of all these tasks and the dizzying extra commitments, it's important not to neglect spending "together time" with your significant other. In fact, it may even be the perfect opportunity to set aside time to show your appreciation for all he or she does during the holiday season.

Here are some holiday date ideas that can help you both enjoy the holidays even more:

  1. Hot cocoa and holiday movies: When it’s cold outdoors, snuggle in nice and cuddly together and enjoy good times with perennial holiday-themed favourites. Spend a little of the money saved on going out to the movie theatre on mini-marshmallows and sprinkles for the hot cocoa.

  2. A stroll to see the neighbourhood's holiday home decorations: In the lead-in to the holidays, make a mental note (or even a physical one) of your area's best decorated houses. It can become the "holiday treasure map" that you are both following and checking off the list. It can be quite romantic, too. Think of it as the winter equivalent of long walks on the beach: romantic conversation, holding hands, spending time with one another as you both ooh and ahh at the lights. Bonus points if you remember to take selfies/photographs of yourselves next to reindeer, Santa or snowmen. This is a great way to spend a weekend or evening together, without breaking the bank.

  3. Build/bake a gingerbread house or make s'mores by the fireplace (you're never too old to have fun): Whether it's a pre-fab kit or a more ambitious (and frugal) recipe from scratch, this is a creative, merry and delicious way for couples to bring out their fun side. Plus, you can each surprise the other by bringing secret ingredients such as gummies, candies, syrups, chocolate chips or caramel corn.

  4. Sledding: A simple but not-to-be-forgotten favourite that only requires two things: a toboggan and a snowy hill. Okay, maybe a third thing: obligatory arms wrapped around the other person on the way down the slope. It's got all of the elements of a good old-fashioned date. Enjoy romantic, exciting rides and quality time together. Not to mention you get to enjoy the outdoors and your money stays in your wallet!

  5. A mini-holiday party—just the two of you: If the house is expected to be a bit zany with relatives, don't miss out on a chance to carve out separate special holiday time for yourselves. Whether it's stealing away during an office lunch to meet or planning a late-night dinner, enjoy a "party" together with a holiday theme. Pack a turkey loaf, candy canes, maybe a little fruitcake, mini-desserts and even a little bubbly. Since it’s just the two of you, it’s a great way to save money and spend a lot of time together.

  6. Spending time with your partner is a heartfelt way to say, "thank you." Sometimes, it's the simple things that show love and gratitude. There's no shortage of ways to do that little extra something (and not spend all that much) while still making your significant other really happy.

And who knows, maybe these fun holiday activities can become special annual traditions—things you both look forward to doing together as a couple during each holiday season.

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