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Affordable Personalized Gifts for Your Holiday Host

Dec 9, 2019

The holidays are a time of celebration and that often means attending parties where you might need to bring a gift for the host. 

Finding a perfect or unique holiday gift may seem difficult but it’s not impossible. Why not focus your efforts this year on personalized gift baskets? Not only is this more thoughtful than a generic present, it will likely make a bigger impression. In fact, DIY gift baskets are not that difficult to put together if you know what your hostlikes. 

Simply wrap up your personalized presents—place them in an inexpensive metal or wicker basket, festive box or similar container first—by tying them up with cellophane and a wide, decorative ribbon. Alternatively, place the items in a nice gift bag topped with bundles of loose, colourful tissue paper. You can even attach a bell or holly to the bow to make the look even more festive. Just don’t forget a handwritten Thank You note or card. 

Consider filling your basket with the following presents that will stand out, without breaking the bank.

For the Beginning Home Baker 

A starter baking kit is easy to assemble simply by filling a large mixing bowl with staples, such as a whisk, mixing spoon and/or a baking spatula and maybe even a liquid measurer, tea towel or oven mitt. For cake lovers, go with a cake or bundt pan with a box of PC® Gluten-Free Cake MixExternal link for gluten-intolerant recipients or homemade cake mix in a jar. For cookie lovers, try a box of cookie mix or homemade cookie mix in a jar, a cookie scoop, some tubes of colourful icing or gel, perhaps a bottle of decorative sprinkles and a couple of festive cookie cutters (which can be attached like charms to the ribbon tying the package together. 

For the Chocolate Lover

A DIY hot chocolate kit could include everything from mugs (or recyclable cups), hot chocolate mix, fancy chocolate syrup, candy canes and a bag of mini marshmallows all placed nicely in a gift box. 

For the Coffee Lover

A cheap personalized gift basket might be as easy as filling a wide latte mug (container) with an assortment of coffee-time treats like chocolates or shortbread, bought or homemade crystalized sugar swizzle sticks, a bag of the recipient’s favourite espresso or a coffee shop gift card. For something a little pricier, think about including an assortment of their favourite fresh roasted coffee beans, a coffee grinder or a set of espresso cups and saucers. 

For the Homebody

Using a pair of plush or cozy slippers as the basket, fill both of them with body and nail care items, including  shades of nail polish, , a small bottle of bubble bath, ultra-moisturizing hand and foot cream, chocolates, herbal tea bags and even a spa gift. Simply tie the pair of slippers together upright with a wide holiday ribbon.

For the Gourmand 

Fill a pretty stainless steel colander full of nicely packaged goodies like those offered by PC® Black Label CollectionExternal link as they are great components to any meal. Package dried pasta with a jar of small batch tomato sauce or a truffle pesto, tapenade, stylish pot holders and kitchen tools like a pasta fork or cheese grater. Or bundle up some gourmet crackers, artisan crisps, cheeses and wine jelly, with a set of cheese knives and a cheese board. Or maybe go with a nice platter topped with boxes of chocolate enrobed biscuits and shortbread, a jar or two of curds and dessert sauces, plus a canister of tea or coffee.

For the Movie Buff

Pack alarge snack bowl with an assortment of unique chip flavours, a can of gourmet nut mix, a bag of popcorn kernels and popcorn seasoning. Add a package of PC® The Decadent Chocolate Chip CookieExternal link, candy bars and cans of soda or flavoured soda water. While this gift package is more for at-home viewing parties, you can maybe throw in a pair of movie ticket vouchers that can be redeemed for a night out. 

For a Stress-Free Morning After 

Why not give your hosta breakfast gift basket so they will have their first meal after the party taken care of? Place a bottle of soda water or orange juicein a lined basket. Add a package of pancake mix and a bottle of maple syrup, fresh baked muffins, banana bread or a loaf cake with honey butter and a bag of coffee beans.   

For the Tea Lover

Fill a basket with a tin of loose-leaf tea, a tea strainer, drawstring teabags or a tea infuser, a package of herbal tea bags, a tea bag caddy/dish, packages of PC® shortbreadExternal link or biscuits and maybe a nice set of tea cups and coasters. 

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