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Benefits of Buying (and Giving) Gifts Online

Have you ever noticed that, come holiday time, it seems like the best gift of all would be to have your own personal assistant? Between buying presents, preparing special meals, attending festive parties and getting together with family and friends, the holidays can be as overwhelming as they are enjoyable. Fortunately, the ever-growing popularity of the internet and digital apps has made gift-giving faster and easier than ever. 

Buying gifts online and giving app gift cards as gifts are wonderful solutions for time-strapped shoppers. Worrying about holiday traffic, finding parking spaces at overcrowded malls, jostling with anxious fellow shoppers and waiting for hours in line are hassles that can all be avoided when you take advantage of the benefits of buying (and giving) gifts online. Here are some of the apps and services that will make your life a lot easier this festive season.

Food Delivery Apps 

Giving food delivery app gift cards as a gift to others (and yourself) is a smart option for many reasons. First, who wouldn’t appreciate getting a meal delivered to their doorstep? Not only are you giving that special someone a delicious meal, you’re also giving them the gift of time. Giving app gift cards as a gift will also save you time because you can order them online. In fact, why not consider using food delivery apps as a gift to yourself and enjoy a break from cooking during this busy time of year? 

Grocery Delivery Services

Prepared meals aren’t the only gift that a time-starved friend will appreciate. Grocery delivery services like PC ExpressExternal link™ save tons of time by doing the legwork for you and are another excellent example of the ways that buying gifts online will make your holidays a breeze. You simply choose your favourite grocery store and then trained personal shoppers select your items with care. For a fee, the items are delivered to you at a time that works for your schedule. You also have the option of using a grocery pickup service by shopping online and then going to the store or pickup location to get your groceries. Why not shake things up and use grocery delivery services as a gift to yourself so you can order groceries to give to a friend?

Online Subscription Programs

Why not opt for a gift that will bring joy all year long? For a monthly or yearly fee, PC Insiders subscription program gives users access to perks like free shipping on joefresh.com and shoppersdrugmart.ca and free PC Express grocery pickup. There are also plenty of subscription programs for video streaming or music, that would bring joy throughout the year. 

Shopping Online

Buying gifts online is easy, particularly when shopping for things such as clothing, beauty items or health care products—all popular holiday presents. With just a few clicks of the keyboard, you can shop online where you can choose from a great array of clothing, accessories and footwear. Or head over to an online beauty site and buy presents from the comfort of your own home. Best of all, many online stores include free delivery on minimum orders. And don’t worry about overdoing it—an added bonus of buying gifts online is that it helps curb impulse buys, which can be harder to avoid in person.

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