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General tips to save money at Canadian Destinations

There are few more beloved Canadian traditions than the family summer vacation. Even if your travel plans don’t include a big budget, there’s plenty of things to do that won’t break the bank. Here are some great ways you can save money while traveling in most areas of Canada.

Free Museum Visits

Many museums across the country offer specific days (or half days) of the week when people can visit for free. Often children under a certain age like four or five can visit without paying an entry fee at any time of year. Some museums even feature special interactive activities for children to do as a way to get kids interested in natural history or art.


Canadians know how to have a good time!  Best of all, we know how to do so even while trying to pinch pennies. There are thousands of festivals of all sizes that are held across the country throughout the year, including cultural events, food festivals, outdoor interactive art displays and more. While not always free, most offer affordable activities and food tastings that the whole family will enjoy.

Take A Hike

What better way to get an appreciation of our country than by getting out in nature and coming face-to-face with the great outdoors. From the largest metropolitan centers, to the smallest, tiny-dot-on-a-map townships, you’ll find a veritable treasure trove of hiking trails every where you go in Canada. Though some of the national and provincial marks may charge a small entry fee, many offer discounts for families or a discounted yearly membership.

Call City Hall

Whether it’s your own hometown or a new city you and your family are just visiting for a day, never overlook the benefit of reaching out to local government to see what’s on the regional to-do list. Many municipalities offer free activities throughout the year and are more than happy to connect you  with the local tourism department for details on what’s hip and happening.

Call of the Wild

Does the city have a local wildlife or nature club? If so, they very likely offer animal-centric community events a few times a month that will ignite the curiosity of nature lovers both young and old.

Libraries Aren’t Just For Books

Like local clubs and city hall, most libraries have activities going on throughout the year such as  reading or crafting groups that are free for participants. Many group are geared to children and some programs are even offered in French.

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