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How to Budget with the PC Financial App

Jul 23, 2020

With the current landscape, there comes a renewed focus on finances and a reminder about the importance of keeping household spending and savings on track. Budgeting is an important skill to master but keeping track of all the information you need can sometimes feel daunting. If you’re a PC Financial MastercardExternal link® holder, fear not, you’ve got access to the super-helpful PC Financial appExternal link for your iOS or Android device. Here’s how to make the most of this app to better understand and manage your money this spring, summer and beyond.

At its core, budgeting is simply balancing your earnings against your spending and savings. The PC Financial appExternal link is designed to provide a clear look at your account transactions and offer valuable information about the spending part of your budget equation. Log in any time to see all your up-to-date transactions and account balance. You’ll also find a spending tracker to help you see exactly where your money is going.

You can view your monthly trends and explore insights into your spending habits. Instead of underestimating your monthly expenses, as so many people do, you can gain a clearer understanding of your true buying patterns. This offers you greater control over your money by helping you see places to trim spending on “wants” versus “needs,” increasing your chances of paying off debt faster and making more room for greater savings. No matter what you’re saving for—whether it’s a vacation, a new home, your children’s education or your retirement—getting your financial house in order using simple steps like taking advantage of these PC Financial appExternal link features can help you reach your goals faster.

The app is also a convenient way to check in on your PC Optimum pointsExternal link balance and your redeemable value. (Tip: The more you use your PC Financial MastercardExternal link®, the more points you’ll earn to redeem towards free stuff. It can really add up to offset some of your budgetary expenses!

Log in to access your account on the go. It’s easy and secure with new optional bio-metric features that allow you to use your fingerprint or facial recognition for added convenience. Once there, you can set up and change custom alerts for what you want to be updated on, including payments made, purchase amount notifications, payment due dates, and more. You can personalize your profile quickly, upload a profile photo, and add trusted devices. You can also access customer support or lock your card with just a tap.

It’s a new, quick and easy way to access and control information about your finances by putting technology to work for you and your unique circumstances. Making a budget doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Log in regularly and leverage the power that the PC Financial appExternal link can provide as you develop your financial road map.

The PC Financial appExternal link is available for iOS and Android devices.

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