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Long-Lasting Gift Ideas: Subscriptions, Gift Cards

Dec 13, 2019

A common complaint about the holiday season is that it is over far too soon. While there is no real way to slow down this magical time, you can make the cherished memories last by filling your gift-giving list with thoughtful presents that will keep you on someone's mind all year long. Whether it’s memberships, subscription gifts or gift cards, here are some long-lasting gift ideas that will keep the kindness and festive thoughts alive long after the holiday season has ended.

Subscription Gifts

What could be better than giving a loved one a gift that will keep on giving all year long? Subscriptions to things such as magazines, music and streaming services—to name just a few—are an innovative, cost-effective way to deliver long-term enjoyment for anyone on your list. 

A great example of a subscription service is the new PC Insiders subscriptionExternal link program. Available in a month-by-month or annual option, PC Insiders subscriptionExternal link program gives PC Optimum members access to an amazing array of benefits for the length of their subscription. Perks include things such as free shipping from joefresh.com and shoppersdrugmart.ca and free grocery pickup with  PC ExpressExternal link™. It’s an ideal gift idea because it offers so many different types of benefits that are sure to be a hit with anyone on your list. Furthermore, with the PC Insiders™ subscriptionExternal link program, members can earn back 20% back in PC Optimum points on select brands, so you’ll be helping your loved one boost their budget as well.


Another long-lasting gift idea that shows you’re thinking outside the box is a membership gift. Do you have a friend who’s been talking about getting healthy? A gym membership would no doubt be appreciated. A wonderful feature of getting someone a membership is that you can really tailor the present to their particular personality. You can get a wine lover a membership to a wine club, or a movie buff a membership to a movie theatre. Memberships don’t have to be expensive to be appreciated and many communities offer affordable access to a variety of local clubs and activity centres.

Gift Cards

For a long-lasting gift idea that’s both affordable and versatile, nothing beats a gift card. Every year the range of options seems to get bigger and bigger, so there’s really no excuse not to find something for even the pickiest person on your list. Best of all, gift cards come in a wide range of price points to match any budget, so you don’t have to break the bank to show someone you’re thinking of them. 

An excellent option is to pick up a President’s Choice® gift cardExternal link. You can choose from among President’s Choice®, Joe Fresh®, Shoppers Drug Mart and Beauty Boutique™ gift cards. They offer incredible flexibility, so you can give your special someone the gift of food, fashion, convenience or beauty and the convenience to use the card any time of year that best suits them.

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