The PC Financial® App

Aug 8, 2019
The PC Financial® App

No need to worry any longer whether that lunch special is over budget. You can instantly check to see all the latest transactions on your PC Financial® Mastercard® with the newly launched PC Financial® app.

The mobile app is all about saving you valuable time, while ensuring you can track how you spend your money. Information about your account is accessible with a tap or a swipe, including your account balance, available credit, payment due dates, and much more.

In fact, the transaction dashboard allows you to track spending, by day or by time or by category (such as groceries, entertainment and transportation). It's all laid out in easy-to-read, simple-to-understand, real-time charts and graphs.

There are even customizable alerts that you can program to tell you when you've made a payment or purchase, or to find out when payments are due. Receive alerts in whichever way is most convenient for you, whether SMS text message, push notification or email.

In addition, unique to the mobile app is deeper information on some transactions, where available. That means if you spot a transaction you don't recognize or don't remember, you can tap to find out more details of the merchant, including its location, store hours and phone number. 

In addition, personal information, like address, phone number and card PIN, now can all be updated or changed in the app itself, and in virtually no time at all.

But what if there's something that requires a human to answer? PC Financial has thought of that, too. There's always the option of submitting any inquiry through the app's messaging centre. The message is then sent to customer service agents for a response.

So whether you're out on the town with friends, on the beach with the family, or in a foreign city, you’ll be able to manage your account at all times.

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