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Simple Ways to Help Organize Your Life Online

May 24, 2018

From electronic pay stubs, bills and bank statements to your personal and work emails, here's how to help keep your digital worlds organized.

Bills, bills, bills
Logging on to several different sites to view and maintain your bills can be time consuming and difficult to track. Download a bill-tracking app, which will help keep tabs and alert you of due dates, amounts and payments for your bills. 

Overflowing Inboxes
Whether it’s your work or personal account, categorize your emails so they can be filed away, instead of in your face. (Tip: too many categories can turn organization into a treasure hunt.) Try to keep it simple, like 1. Partners, 2. Employees, and 3. Finance. You can also create sub-folders for each of these categories as needed. Delete emails as you go, let go of old emails you no longer need, and use detailed subject lines for easier key-word searching.

Eternal E-Stubs
Depending on how you’re paid (hourly wages versus salaried), you’ll want to review your pay stubs at least once a month for any uh-ohs. The one pay stub that you’ll want to review carefully and keep a hard copy of is your T-4, which details your earnings for the year and will be key during tax season.

Financial Statements 
Make sure you have your own copies of online financial statements by saving them on your computer and setting up an external hard drive to automatically back up all of your important files.

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