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Throw the Ultimate Weekend BBQ and Earn PC Optimum™ points While Doing It

Jul 8, 2020

There’s no better way to enjoy a summer meal than with an epic barbecue. That old friendly grill returns after all those chilly months, like a pal you’re happy to see again, ready to fire up a memorable and delicious meal. Idea: have you considered scheduling time with friends and family where you can enjoy time together over a virtual video BBQ?

But what, precisely, is an epic barbecue? Well, that’s a matter of opinion and if you ask 10 people, you’re likely to get 10 different answers. But one thing is for certain—there’s
nothing ordinary about it.

Most agree it’s not always about the quality of food, nor is it about the watchful grill-eye of the chef. Those things are necessary, of course, but why not learn a few BBQ tricks and hacks?

Get the BBQ started.

First, that ol’ grill has been sitting a while, unused. It has probably been collecting dirt, the odd cobweb, on top of the residue already on it from last year’s parties. The good news? There is a way to clean the grill without the use of chemicals. Invest in a quality grill brush– something manufactured especially for this purpose.


Sick of having to put several kinds of condiments in little bowls that may easily blow away? Try pouring them into different sections of a muffin tin and placing a spoon in each – a condiment for each section. (This way, no one monopolizes any one condiment). It also saves in cleaning up the mess at the end, because all you need to do is put the tin in the dishwasher, as opposed to wiping down messy bottles.

Money saving tips

Use the PC Financial MastercardExternal link® to earn PC Optimum™ points on your purchases, or treat yourself and redeem your accumulated PC Optimum pointsExternal link for some of the BBQ essentials.

Earning PC Optimum points on every purchase is among the many perks of the PC Financial Mastercard®. Redeeming PC Optimum points* is easy: 10,000 points = $10. Points can be
collected, and then redeemed towards free groceries at stores that participate in the PC Optimum program. What a way to fuel an amazing BBQ!

Now that you have all of these ideas, it’s time to start shopping!

**Minimum redemption is 10,000 PC Optimum points (worth $10 in rewards) and in increments of 10,000 PC Optimum points thereafter. Some redemption restrictions apply; visit pcoptimum.ca for details and full store list.

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