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Happy Birthday, Honey

Mar 28, 2019

Today, bragging rights often go to those who throw the perfect children's birthday party. But what if the birthday boy or girl is your spouse? How can you throw an inexpensive birthday party for adults? Whether you're planning a surprise or not, here are some suggestions for giving your significant other a fun birthday party without the stress and high cost.

Start Planning Early

If you want to throw a surprise birthday party on a budget, last-minute scrambling is a bad idea for your wallet and your stress level. Begin well in advance by setting your maximum budget. This will help guide key decisions like venue, decor, food and beverage choices and the number of invited guests. If it's not intended as a surprise party, collaborating with the guest of honour is practical.

Enlist Friends and Family

Whether asking for help with hosting, distributing invitations, making food and drinks, creating a cover story (if it’s a surprise party), occupying the guest of honour until party time or going in together on a more expensive gift, friends and family can truly be your best resource.

Don't Let the Menu Stress You Out

If you're tight on time and energy (or are keeping it a secret),  online grocery shoppingExternal link through PC Express lets you sneakily shop for party food online anytime, anywhere, and then you can pick up your order when it's most convenient for you—and when it's least likely to spoil the surprise. Save money on food by inviting guests at non-mealtimes and serve only appetizers instead of a full dinner or fancy meal.

Try to Get an Accurate Headcount

Finalizing your guest list will help you avoid costly over-buying. You can find food and drink calculators online to help estimate how much of each you'll need on hand.

Get Creative with Decor

Keep it simple and focused around the birthday person’s interests. Picking a theme, even if it's just your partner's favourite colour, will help keep you on track. Skip expensive paper invitations and opt for e-vites—and forego loot bags entirely. Have fun with low-cost décor—you name the theme, and there's likely a set of free printables you can find online to suit, including banners and party signs, water bottle labels, cake toppers and photo booth props. 

Pare Back the Booze

Alcohol can be a huge party expense, so if you're looking for a way to entertain cheaply, don't stock a full bar. Opt for serving just beer and wine (don't forget water and sodas). If you'd like to provide a hard-liquor option, create a single signature drink for your guests. That way, you can avoid purchasing many bottles of assorted liquor that may not be consumed, and the custom cocktail will seem like a special touch.

Record It for Posterity

Don't forget to take lots of photos and videos of the big event so the two of you can look back and enjoy the memories!

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