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Tips for an Affordable Valentine’s Day

Feb 7, 2019

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to show someone special how you feel, but all too often it can lead to an awkward moment when it comes time to pay the bill. Luckily, it’s much easier than you think to show how much you care without breaking the bank. So, put aside your plans of extravagant spending and show your partner that passion can go hand-in-hand with penny-pinching with these affordable Valentine’s Day ideas.

Stay In
You’ve heard of a staycation, right? Well enjoying a romantic evening together doesn’t have to entail leaving the house and hitting the town. There are special experiences to be had right at home if you use a little effort and imagination. One of the best inexpensive date ideas is to redeem some of those PC Optimum points for some high-end grocery items like PC® Black Label Collection products and make a three-course meal from scratch. Or, if you don’t have the time to cook, order in but give the meal an upscale, restaurant-quality feel by using special dishware and setting an elegant table.

Make A Homemade Gift Basket
Who doesn’t love getting a gift basket of interesting and tasty items? Another affordable Valentine’s Day idea is to gather together some of your beloved’s favourite things, such as a plant, a book and some homemade cookies and put them in a beautiful basket. Print out and frame a particularly meaningful photograph (maybe taken on your first date or vacation together) and add that to the basket as well. The time and thought you put into selecting each of the items in the collection is one of the purest forms of saying “I love you” to someone.

Go on A Treasure Hunt
What better way to show how much you value your partner than with a treasure hunt? Scatter some notes around town with clues that reflect special moments the two of you have shared together, such as the restaurant where you had your first date.met.. Have the scavenger hunt lead back home to where your loved one will find some popcorn and a movie waiting—the perfect opportunity for some time together.

Rediscover Your City 
Most communities have lots of activities going on that are specifically designed to be affordable. Investigate a city museum, whisper sweet nothings during a lecture at your local library, bond over a game of bingo at the community centre or go for a free skate at a nearby park’s outdoor skating rink.

The More the Merrier
Another cheap date idea is to celebrate your love in the company of other love birds. Get your fave couples together for a potluck (a super way to save money on food while enjoying a delicious meal) and have a game night. If you feel like going out, you can all head out to a roller rink, karaoke bar or just take advantage of the wintery weather and go sledding or snowshoeing.

Spread the Love
Why not make Valentine’s Day about spreading the love around by doing a volunteer activity together at a local charity? Remember, the essence of love is compassion and kindness and doing nice things for others is unique way to show your partner the altruistic, generous side of your personality. You don’t even have to go far  to give a helping hand. You can offer to take a friend’s dog for a walk or shovel the snow from your neighbor’s sidewalk. Just think of the warm fuzzies you’ll feel and the bond it will create knowing you did something kind as a couple.

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