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Tips to Plan the Perfect Staycation for Father’s Day

Jun 19, 2020

During these times, it may feel difficult to make an event special. But this Father’s Day, try out these staycation ideas that will give Dad the warm fuzzies when he sees the family together.

Pop a tent in your backyard
Consider setting up a tent in your backyard, or even building a blanket fort indoors. Sleeping outside or curled up on the floor with blankets and pillows is like a little adventure for the whole family—except you’re right at home and it’s completely free. Stargaze once it gets dark enough or use a flashlight to make shadow puppets with your hands.

Make Dad’s favourite meal
If he loves breakfast, you can bring him the classic breakfast in bed (or tent, as the case may be) with the added surprise of a dessert or smoothie and keep phones out of the equation for a full hour. Consider even redeeming your PC Optimum points for something extra special! It always feels nice to be treated to your favourite things on your special day—especially when your family gives you their undivided attention.

Leave time to reminisce
Why does Dad mean so much to your family? There’s probably a whole list of reasons but maybe you never say them out loud. Go around the table and say one reason you’re thankful or tell the story of a favourite memory with Dad at the centre. Even going through family photos or videos can be a great way to remember the special days you have had as a family.

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