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Too Much Stuff, Too Little Room

Feb 28, 2019

Where did all of these things and possessions we own suddenly come from? Stuff over time just accumulates—and accumulates—and before you know it, all spare nooks and crannies have been filled. And now, with the holiday season upon us, even more space is needed to tuck away the gifts you've bought—and later, the gifts you may receive.

But not to worry: there are many creative (and affordable) storage ideas. Here are a few storage hacks that will give you back your space, have you start thinking outside of the box, all without forcing you to spend money on an off-site storage unit.

  1. If you're a do-it-yourselfer, do some research online for great small storage solutions, and then build it yourself. Purchase any needed materials, and locate an online article that provides building instructions. It means more room in your home office, living room or kitchen without the cost of a store-bought unit.

  2. Reuse everyday items for storage. Use adhesive hooks on your closet door to hang tote bags or knapsacks filled with shoes. Et voilà! An instant budget-friendly space-saver that didn’t cost a lot.

  3. Find items that do double duty. Making one bigger purchase to accomplish two jobs is a good way to save space. For instance, use a mudroom bench with hidden storage. It's a piece of furniture to sit on in your home's entryway when people are taking off their shoes, a place to drop a coat or bag, and it’s also a place to store extra hats and mitts.

  4. Use all the space. This means making use of those hard to reach spots on top of bookshelves, or under the bed storage. Tucking out of season clothing out of the way in clear containers will free up some space and make things less cluttered.

  5. Make the most of vertical storage. Hanging hooks is the fastest way to help with the items you can’t find a home for. Scarves or bags can be easily looped over a hook in the hallway, and belts and ties stored on a hook in the bedroom. Putting shelves on the walls in living spaces for displaying pictures, candles, and plants frees up space on other flat surfaces.

  6. If all else fails, declutter. Make it part of your regular cleaning schedule to collect any clothing items you no longer wear, any books you’ve read and want to pass on, or kitchen items you simply don’t use anymore. Have a box specifically for that purpose and then donate to your local charity of choice.

Be creative with simple ideas like these and you  can save space, Indeed, you don’t have to spend out of pocket for elaborate storage units, worry about having to build an extension to the house to fit everything, and more importantly, eject items that you'd like to hold on to for a little while longer.

It's definitely doable to get creative with storage ideas for small spaces on a budget.

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