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What to Consider When Starting a Side Hustle

May 24, 2018

It is widely recognized today that having multiple streams of income can create more financial stability and freedom in your life. Job security is not guaranteed and for most of us a little extra income can significantly add to our lives. There’s no refuting that having alternate streams of income or side hustle will certainly help you bridge difficult times.

Knowing where to start doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you plan carefully. Here are four aspects to account for when considering starting a side hustle:

What are you passionate about and how can you turn that into a side hustle? 

It is much more satisfying to work on something you are passionate about where you can use your talent profitably. When you witness your personal vision become a reality in a work place of your own creation, what can be more rewarding? There are so many possibilities where you can turn hobbies into side hustles. It could be something you are great at that you could teach, a service you could offer online, or a product you create that you could sell. The opportunities are endless; you just have to figure out what idea you would love to run with.

What will it take to bring your idea to life? 

Creating a successful side hustle cannot be achieved overnight. It takes careful consideration. You need to research the current market to see what is currently available in your area. Plan which professionals you might need on your team, like an accountant or lawyer, to make sure you are setting it up correctly. You also will want to look into what technological skills you will need, particularly if you might have to learn new software programs. Marketing your service or product is critical to ensure that your customers can find and benefit from your products or services. All this will take time, so make sure you give yourself enough planning time before you get started.

Where will you get the initial funding? 

Your side hustle will likely need a degree of financial investment to get started. You will have to look into how you will proceed. You could take a line of credit or find an outside investor or partner. Make sure you have considered all the previous steps carefully so that you minimize your risk before taking a loan. It would be very helpful if you would be able to reserve money as an emergency fund and back-up if necessary, businesses, even side hustles sometimes require more funding than expected.

What is the future potential and how long will it take to recoup the investment costs? 

As part of your initial research you will need to try and estimate what your future earnings will be. Although one cannot be guaranteed of success, with determination and effort promoting and developing an area that is meaningful to you, you are likely to create a side hustle that will earn you satisfaction and financial gain.

Launching a side hustle can be an exciting way to focus on something you are passionate about and may allow you to make significant financial gains. In the future, your side hustle could even become your full time business and change your life in a way you never could have expected!

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