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Can I temporarily lock my President’s Choice Financial Mastercard?

Yes, you can lock your card if you want to temporarily disable it without replacing it. 

Temporarily locking a card online:
You can lock your card if you temporarily misplace it and don’t want to change your account number or report it as lost or stolen. Once locked, it’s easy to unlock your card online.

When you lock your card you will no longer be able to make any new purchases (in-store, online or over the phone) or make any cash withdrawals. You can still move money, make bill payments, incur fees, incur interest on overdraft, and redeem rewards. Some exempted transactions may still go through when you lock your card.

To lock your card through your PC Financial online account. Once signed in, navigate to “Accounts & Cards”. Make sure you’re toggled to “Cards” and select the card you’d like to lock. Select the "Lock card" button and follow instructions on-screen.