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Should I pay off my Overdraft Protection balance on time? What happens if I miss a payment?

When you're in overdraft, you should pay off your overdraft balance as quickly as possible. If you miss a payment, you will be charged interest on your outstanding overdraft balance and could be charged an additional fee if you remain in overdraft in the following month. You can pay off your overdraft balance by funding your account with an Interac e-Transfer®, or through a linked bank account.

Steps to send yourself an Interac e-Transfer®

  1. Send an Interac e-Transfer® from your external bank, inputting your own information

  2. When you get a text or email to deposit your Interac e-Transfer®, select your PC Financial account

  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to deposit your Interac e-Transfer®

Steps to link an external account

  1. Log in to your PC Financial mobile app or online account

  2. The pay and transfer button (the "+" on your mobile app)

  3. Click Move Money

  4. Click Link External Account, and follow on screen instructions to enter the account information

  5. Wait up to 3 business days until your micro deposits show up in your linked account

  6. Follow the same steps to view and verify your account

Helpful tip

If you're funding your account from an external account, remember to request 2-3 business days prior to when you expect to go into overdraft to ensure the funds deposit into your account on time.

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