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I’ve received a PC Financial notification about my account to my email address. Is this a legitimate email?

If you’ve received an email from the email address Info@emails.pcbank.ca , yes, this is a legitimate email sent from PC Financial. Periodically, PC Financial will need to email you important notices about your account or card. Please ensure that your email address on file is always up to date. 

Update your email address

Email Fraud
Some President's Choice Financial® services customers have recently received a fraudulent e-mail, also known as phishing or brand spoofing.

Fraudulent e-mails generally ask customers to select a link, leading them to a fraudulent web site that looks like a legitimate financial institution's web site — even duplicating logos and text. Customers are asked to enter personal banking information, which the fraudsters can use to withdraw money, make purchases or open new accounts and credit card accounts in the customer's name. Fraudulent e-mail messages may imply a sense of urgency or immediate risk to bank accounts or credit cards if you fail to answer. Special offers and prizes may also be promoted as incentives.

What to do if you receive this type of e-mail and have not yet responded to it

  • Do not respond to the e-mail — some phishing sites distribute malicious software; do not click on the links provided in the e-mail — visiting these sites could place your computer at risk

  • Email: pcmcfraudops@pcbank.ca so we can investigate — describe the fraudulent incident, making sure to attach or include any fraudulent e-mails you received and any anti-virus/anti-spyware scan logs (if applicable)

  • Permanently delete the e-mail from both your inbox and your deleted items / trash folders

  • If you have any questions, contact President's Choice Financial services directly at 1-877-939-3933.