Why are my funds on hold and when will the funds become available?

Transferred funds from an external account to your PC Money™ Account may be held for up to five business days (not including weekends and holidays) before you can access them from your account to ensure that the transaction from your external bank account has been completed. These deposits may temporarily appear as “Pending” on your PC Money™ Account.

The hold starts from the time the transfer is no longer in the scheduled & pending transactions and appears as deposited funds in your account until the evening of the fifth business day.

Example: Transfer is initiated on a Monday. Funds are deposited into your account on the Tuesday and a five-business-day hold is applied. The hold will be released the following Tuesday in the evening calculated as follows: Wednesday = 1 day, Thursday = 2 days, Friday = 3 days, Monday = 4 days, Tuesday = 5 days.

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