Why does my PC Money Account card have a Mastercard® logo on it?

The PC Money Account card uses the Mastercard® payment network to process transactions at point-of-sale and ATMs (traditional debit cards use the Interac network). Unlike a typical Mastercard® credit card, the PC Money Account directly withdraws your own funds to make a transaction, instead of drawing from a portion of your available credit due to be paid back to the bank. This gives you the confidence to use your own funds with the flexibility and security of a Mastercard® product.

  • You can use your card everywhere Mastercard® is accepted (look for the Mastercard® logo), including online and when travelling abroad

  • Use the PC Financial® app to add your card to Apple Pay or Google Pay

  • You are protected by 24/7 Fraud Detection and Mastercard® Zero Liability Promise for unauthorized purchases

  • Pending vs. posted transactions appear in your account similar to a credit card

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