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What is a PC Optimum Household?

As a PC Optimum member, you have the opportunity to pool your points with those of up to 9 other PC Optimum members, for a total of 10 members. Household members do not need to be PC Financial customers. This grouping is called a “Household.” All members of a Household can contribute points to the same total, and all members have the opportunity to redeem from that same points total, too. 

You can join a Household only if another PC Optimum member invites you. Creating a Household is just as easy. Visit PC OptimumExternal link and through My Account, select Household and follow the instructions to invite up to 9 other PC Optimum members to pool their points with yours. 

When you join a Household, all of the PC Optimum points in your account are pooled with the points of all members of the Household. Any member of a Household may, at their sole discretion, spend any or all of the PC Optimum points that are held by members of that Household, including points that were earned by other members of the Household.

You can’t remove someone from a Household once they’ve accepted an invitation to join; however, you can leave a Household at any time. 

When someone leaves a Household, they leave with their share of points, which are calculated based on their contributions or redemptions relative to the total amount of points pooled. This points amount will be shown to a member prior to leaving the household.

The total portion of redemptions attributed to the exiting member will be subtracted from the total amount of points contributed.