How to Save Money While Seeing the World




Have you ever noticed that no matter how carefully you plan how much you want to spend on a vacation, you almost inevitably go over budget? When caught up in the excitement and newness of a never-before-seen destination, it can be easy to break the bank because you want to be sure to experience everything possible and bring back that one (or two, or three…) perfect souvenir. Here are some tips to easily save money on your next escapade.


Cook Your Own Meals


A sure-fire way to save tons of money on a trip is to make your own meals. Aside from flight and accommodation, dining out is most travellers’ top expense. While it may cost a bit more to find a hotel or other accommodation that has a kitchen, you can more than recoup the added cost by going grocery shopping and preparing some of your own meals. It doesn’t have to be a fancy and fully-loaded kitchen; a hot plate and tiny fridge—or even a cooler packed with ice—will do. But don’t get so caught up in penny pinching that you never eat out. One of the unique treats of travelling is experiencing local foods and restaurant culture. Just try to balance out those café meals with some home cooking.


Get a City Tourist Pass


Many cities around the world offer things like museum or tourist passes that let visitors see a set number of sites for one discounted price. These are often available with extra discounts for seniors and children.


Take Public Transportation


When you’ve only got a set amount of time in a city, it can be tempting to forgo learning the subway or bus system and just opt for taxis or ride services instead. Not only is relying on a taxi much more expensive than public transportation, it’s also not nearly as fun. Fun? I hear you saying the word with a tone of incredulity—but hear me out. Few local experiences are as authentic as taking a city subway and it’s an incredible opportunity to talk to locals and people watch. You’ll also get a better feel for your destination and see more of the area.