Planning a Budget-Friendly Family Trip

Oct 3, 2017

A family trip that doesn’t break the family piggy bank can be hard to pull off. From choosing a location that pleases everyone to booking a mode of transport, there are multiple factors to consider to stay within your budget. But with careful planning there are ways you can shave off some expensive details without having to take away from the fun.

Figure out how much you need
As a part of your family budget, try to have a rough idea of how much cash to set aside for your family trip. Start with big ticket costs, such as airfare and hotel accommodation, working your way down to smaller day-to-day expenses, such as day trips or food.

Start early
When it comes to travel, typically, the early bird gets the worm. Although last-minute deals do exist, booking transportation and accommodation is almost always cheaper when done well in advance of a departure date. From special seat sales to the availability of more economical hotel rooms, there are tons of ways to save money when booking early.
Getting a head start on family travel plans also means more time to soften any financial impact of the trip. Begin working travel costs into your household budget early to avoid dipping into long-term savings or dipping into debt. Having the allocated money on-hand can also help when it comes time to picking a destination.

Take the road less travelled
Peak season may be the most popular time to visit somewhere, but it is often also the most expensive time. Once you have a destination in mind, check to see if there is a seasonal aspect to their tourism cycle or if there are other cheaper alternatives. This small distinction can save you can save you some cash and can lead to more unique experiences.

Rack up rewards
Use a credit or rewards card that works for you. With the President’s Choice Financial® Mastercard® for example, you earn more PC Optimum points when you book your trip through PC Optimum points can be redeemed for free groceries, for example, so you can save the money you would have spent on those groceries to help you save for your next trip.

Keeping your plans reasonable and avoiding unnecessary expenses is perhaps the best way to keep a family trip within a family budget. If one activity is taking up the majority of your budget, for example, try removing it from your itinerary and see if it changes the overall look of your trip. If letting the big expense go is a letdown, try trimming your trip in other smaller ways, such as looking for ways to cut the costs of meals.

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