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Are there any fees associated with my President’s Choice Financial Mastercard?

Cash Advance at a bank machine or teller in Canada: $3.50 Cash advance outside Canada: $5 Overlimit charge if over the credit limit on statement date: $29 (for Quebec residents as of July 1, 2019 statements: $0); Cash equivalent transaction (such as for a wire transfer or money order): 1% (minimum $5, maximum $10); Dishonoured payment or convenience cheque: $42; Copy of a sales draft: $10 (for Quebec residents as of July 1, 2019: $0); Copy of a previous account statement: $10; Credit balance refund made by cheque: $20 Balance Transfer: 1% of the transferred amount will be charged for balance transfers requested 6 months or more after account approval. Inactive account: if on your statement date there is a credit balance on your account and there has been no activity on your account (meaning no debits, credits, interest or fees) for the preceding 12 consecutive months, your account is subject to a fee equal to the lesser of $10 or the credit balance amount.