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How many additional cardholders can I add to my President's Choice Financial Mastercard?

You can add up to four additional cardholders to your PC Financial Mastercard account. There’s no charge for these additional cardholders and they will all be considered authorized users.

As the primary cardholder, you will remain 100% responsible for all transactions made by all authorized users on your PC Financial Mastercard account, including any amounts incurred through the use of any additional cards issued on the account.

You are responsible to ensure your authorized users understand the cardholder agreement and the Loblaw Companies Limited Privacy Policy and how these documents apply to them, and that they use the card in accordance with the terms of the cardholder agreement.

We may give the authorized user certain information about the account, like the credit limit or information about a transaction. Additionally, any authorized users on your account may be able to view, obtain or be provided with information about your account, including transactions, balances, available credit, account status and payment details. Authorized users will be able to view monthly electronic statements and all of the transactions made by any cardholder on your account on an ongoing basis. You cannot limit, restrict or reduce the access or authority available to an Authorized User. Any Authorized User has the same degree of access to the Account as listed in this section, and each Authorized User will be able to access the activity of each Authorized User on the Account.

An Authorized User is able to access the full available credit limit of the credit card account and is able to charge purchases / cash advances to the credit card account. 

The credit limit of the account is shared amongst the primary cardholder and authorized users, no separate credit limit will be given to authorized users. 

You can add an authorized user to your account online.