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What are the annual interest rates for the President’s Choice Financial Mastercard?

  • Purchases rate in effect when your account is approved: 20.97%

  • Cash Advance rate in effect when your account is approved: 22.97%. In Quebec, 21.97%.

  • Promotional balance transfers: 0.97% for 6 months for balance transfers¹ made within 90 days of account approval.

We may, with prior notice, increase your Purchases and Cash Advances rate to the Performance rate of 25.95% for Purchases and 27.95% for Cash Advances following a review of:

  • Your account use (including whether you exceeded your credit limit or had any dishonoured payment transactions), or

  • Your credit bureau reports and credit history.

Your interest rates will increase to the Default rate of 25.97% for Purchases and 27.97% for Cash Advances if you:

  • Do not make the minimum payment by the due date for two consecutive months, or

  • Are not in full compliance with the terms of your cardholder agreement.