How can I link my PC Optimum account and my PC Financial account together?

To link your accounts:

  1. Sign in to your PC Financial® account

  2. Select ‘Offers’

  3. Select ‘Link PC Optimum™’

  4. Select ‘Sign in’ and sign in with your PC Optimum™ account

You now have a single view of all your PC Optimum™ points.

If you share a PC Optimum™ account with another PC Financial® cardholder, you’ll need to set up separate PC Optimum™ accounts, then follow the steps above to link.

To share points and offers, you can join a PC Optimum™ Household. (opens in a new window)External link

If you don’t have a PC Optimum™ account, follow these steps to set one up. (opens in a new window)External link

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